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Patenting and marketing a casino table game.

I created a simple table game 20+ years ago with my family and it's a lot of fun. I never thought about patenting it or marketing it because the odds were exactly 50/50 with no house edge. Obviously no casino would want that.
However, last night I figured out an easy way to give the house an edge and now I think it could be a table game that casinos might actually consider carrying.
Does anyone have any experience with this sort of thing? I know the main table games for a casino are pretty much set and have existed for a long time. How difficult do you think it'd be to break in a new game?
Thanks in advance for your input.
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Casino table dealer

Anybody here ever worked as a table dealecroupier at the treasury? If so, how often do they take through trainee groups? And can you tell me much about the job, pay rates ect. It's something i've wanted to do for a while but just missed the closing application date this time around. Do they only take new recruits once a year? Twice? What would help me in the interview process? Should I pay to do that dealer course at casino training australia first?
Any help is appreciated.
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How does ordering food at a casino table work?

Is there a specific menu for the tables only or can you order something from any of the restaraunts in the building?
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Face masks now required at casino table games in Nevada

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How would you optimally place 12 pairs of cards on a top-down casino table png image using css?

How would you optimally place 12 pairs of cards on a top-down casino table png image using css? I can't figure out how I should do this. Most games seem to only put 10 or less, but Poker table can have up to 12 players typically. So how do you do this?
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Control Board requires masks at casino table games in Nevada

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Which is the best casino table game to grind out for money?

I’ve done the blackjack and quit when you lose but it’s quite tedious with the games loading time. Are there any more efficient?
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Red Rock Casino table games

Are games like craps and roulette being played right now? And are the minimums any different because of COVID?
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Face masks now required at casino table games in Nevada

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Face masks now required at casino table games in Nevada

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TOP 5 Casino Tables Games

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Biggest difference in house games compared to casino tables ?

18 y/o , when i turned 19 in march i plan on playing a lot of 1-2 or at casino niagara it’s like 1-3... i’ve played a lot with friends and on the phone but i’m excited to play in casino. Biggest difference there+ best free advice anyone can offer ?
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What’s the best thing a stranger has given you at a casino table?

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My experience of a first time player at casino table

So I got this nice 800 bucks out of a slot machine and I decided to play some poker at casino. Because other games are pretty much boring to me and now I got this free money to waste. I've watched some poker vlogs and thought this would be the real shit I'm looking for. I had my name on the waiting list, later got seated and at that very moment, my hands started shaking. I went through this scene couple of times on my way to casino, like it's only 300 bucks and it's free money, so there is nothing to worry about. But my hands just kept on shaking for some reasons. Dude sitting left to me is a old Asian, chatting with dealer and players frequently. Seeing me sitting down with shaking hands, he asked: is this your first time? I said yes, awkwardly. He then asked: where did you learn this? School? Internet? I replied like a pro: self-taught. While I was talking, I maintained a straight poker face cuz I knew that's what I should do. Then I placed a big blind but got rejected because I'm under the gun. Okay, that's smooth. It was a really slow game, everyone played super tight. Not much action on the table. I followed the motto that never limp in, either raise or fold. And thanks to that, my chips went down to 100 quickly. About one our later, I won my he first pot in my life time by queens by getting everyone folded. Three hands later I was dealt AK suited, I raised. Everyone folded except for a tall younger looking dude. Okay, I thought, now I'm playing. I raised the flop with K 6 5, he called. 'There's nothing to worry about', I thought to myself. Turn was a 10, I raised again to 30 with my shaking hands. He called. River was something blank, I went all in. He called. I turned over AK, and he showed pair of 5s. And with everybody staring, I stood up and left. That's it, my first time poker.
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Whats the level of strategy used at most $1/2 NL casino tables? Mostly fish, or pretty solid players?

Did my prep homework/reading/studying, and I finally feel ready to hit a live casino game. My question is, should I expect the players to have this subs level of knowledge at the tables? Ill start at a typical $1/2 NL.
Basically, do most people have a good understanding of the intermediate/advanced strategy of the game, or is it mostly people who have no idea what a "range" even is?
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Why cant I find/enter into the Diamond Casino table games?

Im in the US, so gambling permitted. When I enter the area near the VIP lounge, I cant find the table games. Theres a closed door across from VIP lounge but no message etc. Cant find the table games? I bought the penthouse too.
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Another Casino Table Game?

Do you guys think we would get another Casino game(s) in the next update? The table games have been getting old to me, would be really cool if they added another one in the incoming update
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Casino Table Payouts Glitch?

was just playing 3 card poker just got Ace 2 3 - Dealer got Q 9 3 so clearly I won, was a max bet 105k on table and it just swallowed my chips and didn't receive anything, even recorded the clip too, what the hell first time that's ever happened
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What are some good, simple casino tables you guys use?

Tried finding a good scripted blackjack table but there was so much extra bullshit that I didn’t need to play blackjack with my friends. Was thinking about a good craps table or Texas hold ‘em too. What are your guys favorite for just pick up and go?
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Just sat at my first casino table and everyone thought I was an asshole

because my 5th hand I got poket aces and a set, so went up 300$. I than proceeded to collect my chips and walk away. The dealer said "you win money and run". Everyone knew I was an amature and if I continued to play they would win there chips back.
deffinitly had begginer luck and will be playing again :)
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Encore casino table games

Hey reddit,
Was thinking about going to encore tonight (2/8). I’m from Portland so I have either Hollywood in Bangor, oxford (both of which I’ve been to and aren’t anything particularly special) or encore which I’ve yet to go to.
I’ve seen a few reviews on here for encore but they’re all a few months old from around the time it originally opened.
Main question is about table minimums at craps and blackjack. Maine casinos I can find $5 min craps and $10 min blackjack. Does anyone have any idea what the table mins are like at encore?
Also I was curious if the craps tables ever shut down. Hollywood and oxford usually close their craps tables by 1 or 2am.
Any other info or opinions on the casino is of course welcome
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can we play every Casino table game in every casino in one day? We are in Atlantic city casinos and In this weeks vlog we try to go to every single casino in... IM THE BEST AT THIS 👑 🐐 . YOU WANT BUSINESS INSIDE YOUR CASINO? CHICO IS THE GO TO GUY. Join our membership as we go on tour this week. We need your supp... This is the uncut version of my one hour session with Birddog301 at a private craps table at the PLAZA Casino in downtown Las Vegas. Thank you so much to th... The Casino Table Games - Luxor Hotel & Casino PDFs These provide in-depth info on topics such as the home edge and the various variations of particular video... 💎For bonuses on trusted casinos I play:👉Join the streaming community @ Casinogrounds No links that I use in stream... Poker has been played for hundreds of years yet many people may not know about the origin of the poker table and why poker tables are mostly green in color.I...