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I was paid to watch people being killed... [Part 1]


Along with an electronic key card for the east door, this is what had been placed on the control panel prior to my shift a few days ago. A very perplexing, guilt ridden and drunkenly assembled note from the day shift guy…the one who I believed to be the only person on this island other than myself.
I’ve never actually met him over these past three months. We each work an 11 hour, 59 minute shift, every day. He from 8:00am to 7:59pm and I from 8:00pm to 7:59am. We have one minute for the shift change. I wait outside the control room at the west door and as soon as he exits the through the east side, the lock on my door becomes ready to open with my key card. So, other than the scent of his cologne, the pot of coffee he leaves brewing for me and the empty bottle of cognac currently sitting on the control panel, I know nothing about him. I don’t know his name, age, or nationality. All he’s been to me is the source of the ass warmth on the cold leather desk chair when I sit down every evening at 8PM sharp.
In order to help you understand what the hell is happening on your chosen electronic device’s screen at the moment, let me take you back just a bit.
I’m in debt. A shitload of debt to be exact, and four months ago I was unemployed for a number of reasons I won’t get into. My rent was due, my truck was being moved every few hours to stay out of sight of the repo man, and I was showering with bottled water from the apartment building’s fountain due to a ‘misunderstanding’ with the utilities commission. I was in a bad way, for sure.
I’m an I.T. professional with a couple impressive degrees and 15 years of experience, so I know a lot of shit and finding a job had never been difficult for me…until this most recent tangle with irresponsibility, of course. So, I was scrambling to find work before the property management company threw me out on my ear. Plus, that fountain water and stolen hand soap from the lobby is doing a real number on my skin. Monster, Glassdoor, The Ladders…I had hit them all, willing to take just about anything. After far too long I began to grow despondent, until finally one day this email appeared in my inbox.

“Hello, Kyle. My name is David Danbury and I represent parties who are eager to have you in their employ. We’ve seen your profile and resume on several job sites and must say we’re quite impressed with your skill set--although one immediately does wonder why a man with your talents is looking for what appears to be his sixth job in the past five years?
Nevertheless, I am here to present to you an opportunity for a one time, three month contract overseas. The work will not be challenging for an advanced professional such as yourself (although you may find it difficult without the ponies to play), but you will be almost completely isolated for the duration of the contract. Although long periods of solitude can be maddening for some, I have no doubt a man with your ability to get out of sticky situations can handle some extended alone time.
If you should choose to take the assignment, I can guarantee your safety and security as long as you stay within the guidelines and boundaries presented to you. The work will be stale and boring, just as you found your life to be once you discovered the thrill of Vegas, and you will be paid as soon as the terms of your contract have been satisfied. You will find the compensation to be substantial, to say the least. We both know you could use the money at this point…
If you’re interested in this assignment please reply in kind and I’ll send you the paperwork and instructions for your travel.
David Danbury, Esq.

I’ll skip the bullshit about ‘thinking it over.’ The truth is, I couldn’t accept fast enough. I’m in debt, remember? For three months I could handle anything, but I know what these contract jobs consist of; high hourly pay, fat per diems, and nice hotel rooms.
Now, I’ll spare you the details of my travel and arrival. Reddit doesn’t have the attention span for that kind of thing, and truthfully, I’m as guilty as anyone of scanning past the fluff in an nosleep tale to get right to the meat and bones of it. Yeah I know, someone worked hard on all that fluff. I did too, then deleted it when I knew no one would care. So, here’s that meat and bones…
I was picked up and delivered by plane, basically blindfolded, to a small island in the middle of somewhere and left standing inside the door of a concrete bunker with nothing but my suitcase and a stack of instructions on, of all things, dot matrix paper—and no…it wasn’t stripped or separated. Some asshole is out there having a grand old time handing this archaic shit to unsuspecting contractors.
While littering the hallways with side strips I explored my work and living situation while scanning through the instructions. The work was simple…diagnostics and debugs, software updates, calibration and testing of lines and connections, and other general maintenance for a bunch of communications and video equipment.
My living quarters was really pretty damned sweet. In addition to all the bottled water I could ever need for showering, I had a nice big bedroom with a sitting room off to the side, a large, fully stocked kitchen, a few TV’s, a VR headset, tons of video games and several hundred movies. And to top it all off, there was a large selection of alcohol and beer.
I walked the main hallway where I found a good sized fitness room with all sorts of workout stuff, another big kitchen with a small cafeteria, a few more vacant living quarters identical to mine, and a big pantry with an endless amount of supplies and necessities. There were several rooms full of the equipment I would be maintaining, all of which was brand new stuff from the top manufacturers. .
The hallway ended at the big steel door to the room where I would spend the majority of my 11 hour, 59 minute shifts. Attached to the door was an envelope with my name on it.
“Hello Kyle, and welcome to your home for the next three months. The room beyond this door will be the hub of your operations and you will be sharing it with another technician. Your shift will begin promptly at 8:00PM each night and will end at 7:59AM the next morning. DO NOT arrive late or leave late. When the daytime technician’s door closes at 7:59PM you will have one minute to open the lock with the included magnetic keycard. Once you’ve opened the door it will remain unlocked for the remainder of your shift so you can move freely about the west end of the facilities. Under no circumstances are you to interact with the day technician. This work is part of a controlled study and it is critical that your duties be conducted 100% independently. In addition to this, it is STRONGLY suggested that you DO NOT leave the bunker. For reasons of personal safety, you are not locked inside, but let us assure you, outside the bunker is somewhere you only want to be as an absolute last resort.
Good luck, and remember…safety first!”

Everything went down as described. The work was gravy. So gravy in-fact that it would have made a great Poutine for our Canadian friends. You nasty fuckers. Who ever dreamed up mixing brown gravy and curdled cheese anyway??
I ran through the scheduled checks, calibrations, reports each night. I arrived at the door a couple minutes early, heard the door on the other side slam shut, and shoved my card in the slot as soon as the lock’s activation indicator went green. Although it was probably against the rules, the day shift technician left a fresh pot of coffee brewing for me each evening and I began to do the same for him each morning. How did I know the other tech was a man? It was the cologne. Kenneth Cole, circa 2005. I bought a bottle back then at the suggestion of the new lady I was seeing. She was bat shit crazy and I barely managed to cling to my sanity for the four months we were together. That one is an nosleep all of its own. I will *never* forget that scent. Not ever…
Everything was going smoothly for a long ass time. I ran into very few problems in my work, and they were solved quickly and without disruption to the gear under my care. My life may be in a constant state of uncertainty and downright chaos, but when it comes to equipment? Those devices are my babies. I take great pride in my work and it’s ALWAYS first class.
I really didn’t know what all the shit was for, though. The functions I performed were strictly for operational stability. Were the video monitors connected? Was the video storage equipment running smoothly? Was it cold enough in the server room? Were the video test images (a loop of wild horses galloping on the beach) clear and sharp? I just kept everything functioning and ensured all the backup systems were good to go at any moment.
So who was running all this sweet ass gear? The day shift guy, I presume. All those damned video monitors in that control room were for something, and it was a big something. At the time I figured the island was probably under surveillance from coast to coast to coast to coast. Why? Who knows…I didn’t particularly care, but I did feel a bit cheated when I propped my feet up on the terminal and all I got to see was horses kicking up wet sand and tossing their manes back and forth like a shitty beer commercial. I had watched that scene so many times that after a couple months I knew every detail. I had the horses named, had picked out which ones were married, which were single, which were cheating, who the assholes were, and various other daytime soap opera kind of shit.
Why not fire up a movie? Because I HAD to watch that loop. I spent an hour every night with my eyes glued to those screens, making sure not a pixel was out of place. I was under clear instruction that everything should be perfect at all times.
So what the hell did the day shift guy do? I presume he ran the cameras, collected images, data, wrote up observations, reports, etc. I think he got to be James Bond and I was the inventor in the basement at MI6 who didn’t get any of the glory for keeping Bond’s ass alive. It figured. Life had been pinching my ball sack with a big pair of salad tongs for years, so why expect to get the glorious job? I bet that motherfucker was getting paid double my salary. Asshole. HOWEVER, he did brew a great cup of Joe.
My free time was spent doing a little of everything. I like to work out, although with no money for a gym membership I’ve not exerted much energy lately outside of running from bill collectors. So I hit the gym, watched movies, surfed the web, and ate a shit ton of good food. One thing I do miss is gambling. I’ve spent my fair share of time at tracks and in casinos, for sure. It’s a rush like nothing else, but when you crash you crash hard. I crash too often.
Truth be told, I’m a mess. I have an ex-wife, a kid I hardly ever see, and I’ve destroyed most of my other interpersonal relationships. Solitary work is probably what’s best for me and I think I’m probably just not a very good person. But don’t think I don’t dwell on that fact—I do. I’ve just yet to actually DO anything about it.
However, everything changed when the day shift guy went AWOL and I found the Island’s residents. And then the plane washed ashore.
…and then the bodies began piling up.

Ok really, now. I’m not gonna put you off until tomorrow just yet.
So back to the letter from the day shift guy. I didn’t have a clue what he was talking about. I mean…it sounded like he was really torn up about something. Something so bad in-fact, it made him walk out into the jungle never (presumably) to be seen again. And what the hell was he saying about “no matter what they did?”
Seriously, dude. You couldn’t hang onto your guilt ridden conscience another few days for what…a million bucks? Was he serious? Part of me was scared for what I was about to find out, and the other part of me was wondering if I was getting anywhere near a million dollars for my own gig…unless whatever he was doing on day shift was so terrible it would require ridiculous money to keep someone participating.
DSG (as we’ll call him for now) had left the entire operation unlocked and active. The monitors were all running and the control computers were unlocked. Most of the screens had a solid gray color displaying, but some were kicking on and off. I quickly realized they were motion activated, so the camera would run for a while if something was happening in its field of vision and send a live stream to the monitors. The sun was nearly gone and there wasn’t much light remaining, so I figured the night vision on the cameras would be kicking in soon.
I watched the displays come and go for a bit. Nocturnal animal activity, giant bugs landing on the lenses…stuff like that. Then out of nowhere, I saw people. A whole lot of people, to be exact. I’m a shitty guess on crowd size but some very sloppy counting put the number close to 50, if not more. It was like an encampment of some kind. Several fires burned and makeshift torches were set up in a crude perimeter. Everyone I could see was male and most of them were sitting or lying down. Their clothing matched—extremely dirty white coveralls.
Some of the men appeared to be standing guard with homemade spears or clubs, or with no weapon at all. It was surreal to suddenly see other humans on this island that for three months I thought was only inhabited by DSG and myself. They obviously were some sort of group, which meant they had a common origin or source.
One other thing was common…every single one of them looked either scared, angry, or despondent.
As the last bit of evening sun faded off into the horizon, I watched them for a while and let the past couple hours’ events soak in. What were these people doing here? Who were they? What were they scared of? And was I working for whoever was responsible for them being here?
I was pondering all these questions when my screens starting switching on like crazy. Movement caught my eye but it was quick, and whatever I had seen was not alone. The men in the camp (who I’ll now refer to as the captives) went into panic mode, either scrambling to get into the jungle or taking up some kind of defensive position. Judging by mouth movements they looked to be screaming, but I had no audio feed and as best I could tell from searching through the computer, an audio feed didn’t exist. As the chaos unfolded I finally caught a look at what was getting the captives in such a fuss.

At first all I could see was a glimmer of what I now know was their eyes reflected in the night vision. It started with just one, down low, then another and another and even more, and suddenly I was looking at HUNDREDS of eyes seemingly floating along the ground. God they were FAST too, just shooting back and forth. One of the men began to flail around in an absolute panic. I couldn’t see the outline of a snake, but his neck was gone from the sight picture and I could see the glint of one of those snake eyes. It had wrapped the guy up like a scarf and was choking him to death.
Another man was spinning in circles as if he was surrounded by multiple attackers. The tiny lights of the snake eyes were shooting at him like bullets from at least 10 feet out. Striking his legs over and over, then working their way up. He turned away from the camera briefly and when he came back around the moonlight gave me a clear view of his face. He had a snake’s fangs clamped down directly on each eye. I watched his muted screams, pulling at them furiously as the others continued to strike with relentless enthusiasm. Finally the captive managed to pry both snakes free and flung them to the ground. The moonlight caught his face again, and to my horror, I could see the eye sockets were empty.
I shut off the monitors. I could take no more of the nightmare playing out on these screens. I was helpless in my position and watching this was going to do them no good.
I took a break for food, coffee and some deep breathing exercises to calm my nerves. This was fucked up. Those guys were captives for sure, and it didn’t appear to me that the snakes were just naturally hanging out. Plus, the sheer speed and ruthlessness of those things. Geez. That was NOT normal.
Getting back on the main computer, I poked around in DSG’s files with shaky hands. I opened one labeled “DAY SHIFT DUTIES.” I was a little jealous that DSG didn’t get the pleasure of dot matrix paper. The word document was fairly brief.

So…what the fuck?
“Participants?” “Events?” “Non-human Participants?”
It wasn’t hard to surmise the man’s job was to watch sadistic, brutally violent shit happen to the captives, log the serial numbers of the survivors, and provide post game analysis. I came to the eye-opening realization that I had been going about this mundane existence completely oblivious to the fact that terrible things may be going on all around me. And I was sitting there every night, pounding oreo cookies and making sure the controls of this nightmare were in tip top shape.
I mean…I may as well have been Freddy Krueger’s knife sharpener.

I was blown away and trying to figure out what the hell to do when I realized something…DSG, aka Mr. Ivanov, was gone. And in order to keep the powers-that-be in the dark about his departure, those daily duties still had to be carried out...carried out by ME.

I had just watched “feeding time” happen live. Furthermore, at some point after 8:00AM when his shift would normally start I would have to review the footage, describe the incident, fill out the required logs…

...and roll those fucking dice again.
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The Absurdity of the Las Vegas Shooting.

Let's look at the ridiculousness of this case thus far.
  1. Stephen Paddock was a professional gambler who made a living off of video poker. A successful casino gambler can only be found riding unicorns. Supposedly a rich real estate guy, but no one knows of any holdings or transactions in his name. Throughout his employment career, he worked for the post office and the IRS. It seems they pay extremely well since real estate investing needs quite a bit of seed money.
  2. Jesus Campos was security guard who was shot when he knocked on the door of Paddocks room. But only, he wasn't shot then, but 6 minutes before the shooting began. And didn't bring the police/security to the room until 58 people were dead and nearly 500 people were critically injured. Update 10/13: the timeline has again changed so now the story is Campos encountered Paddock 6 min prior to shooting start, and was shot 1 minute before actual fire began. Make what you will out of this.
  3. Jesus Campos house is guarded by someone who works for a possibly fictitious security company with no physical address and who's license to operate ran out last year. Why does a witness to a mass killing, with the killer dead, need protection? Why hasn't he given even ONE interview to anyone?
  4. Stephen Paddock's house gets robbed while the FBI is combing over it for evidence.... No further words needed here.
  5. Jesus Campos disappears right before he is to give 5 interviews, including Hannity. No one, including the FBI, knows where he is. So the FBI has lost the KEY witness to their investigation. Meanwhile, scary guys guarding his house 24 hours a day.
  6. Jesus Campos drives a Corvette with no license plate and whose registration points to 2006, on a security guard salary.
  7. Hotel casinos, the single most extensively surveilled buildings in the world, can not produce even ONE clip of Paddock going on about his business.
  8. Has 23 guns and dozens of loaded magazines. But takes over a minute between volleys of fire.
  9. No trails of social media exists for Stephen Paddock. Nothing at all. Paddock must have not known that the internet existed.
  10. The media is continually pushing the narrative "we may never know his motives" over and over again, as if they're trying to tell us something. hmmm...
Is anyone buying this? Is anyone foolish enough to think that this was a planned mass murder by a crazy guy?
Anyone wanna add to the list?
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Kubrick apparently experienced directing the Apollo 11 scam as boring work. In the film, he therefor makes Jack play with a tennis ball, instead of attending to his creative (writing) work. By choosing King’s “The Shining”, Kubrick found exactly the right storyline to make his hidden confession about his involvement in the staged moon landing of Apollo 11. On top of that, the numerological “coincidences” are that the value of “Jack” is 7 (representing the control freaks), and the value of “Danny” is 22, meaning communication!
THE VEGAS CONNECTION AKA HOW TO PULL IT ALL OFF Once the decision to simulate all moon voyages was made, NASA and the Defense Intelligence Agency moved swftly. A code name was created : ASP (Apollo Simulation Project), and the effort was divided into the following tasks : 1. Secret top level organization and management 2. Intensive security, including counter-intelligence 3. Undercover procurement of personnel 4. Clandestine equipment design, manufacture, installation and operation 5. Coverup communications, including wiretaps and taping 6. Covert planning and special projects (Aerospace "plumbers")
SECRET TOP LEVEL ORGANIZATION & MANAGEMENT After all, as most aerospace insiders know, the Apollo project was actually a military mission to determine the feasibility of using the moon as a military base of operations against foreign powers. Furthermore, almost 75 per centof all NASA effort was basically military - not space! When the capability of controlling orbiting H-bombs became a reality, the moon became far less important to the Pentagon's planners. Who needs a moon base when it's possible to destroy any or all of the planet with bombs disguised as communications satellites that orbit the earth 24 hours a day, they reasoned. However, despite this diminishment of interest, the military was still strongly supportive of any activity that would enhance U.S. prestige worldwide. Thus, the DIA was structured to provide services to NASA, as shown in the chart. How these various departments or divisions functioned is described in the interpretive tabulation.
Although more than 300,000 persons were directly involved in the building of the atomic bomb (1942-45), no significant information whatsoever reached the public. Thus was established a viable precedent for ASP. The ASP managers could not only point to the Manhattan's success in secrecy, but could use their methods. After all, in an America which has been sliding towards a police state for years (wiretaps, no-knock, civilian surveillance), it was a relatively simple matter to apply these techniques of cloak and dagger to ASP. Rigidly tight security develops Itself a perfect position. Anyone can be excluded by the principle of "need to know". Since NASA has always been 75 per cent military and certainly ASP was in this catagory, preventing anyone high or low from seeing certain hardware, data or locations, was as easy as dropping a thick curtain.
Further, anyone who comprised a threat or knew too much could be taken care of In a number of interesting ways. And all of these measures were justified as being the protection of the national interests. One of the first security measures undertaken by the ASP Security Staff was the establishment of a base of operations.
It was the exciting appeal of a nearby resort city. Thus, it was no accident that the ASP base was located 32 miles east of Mercury, Nevada. The land surrounding the base has long been controlled by the U.S. Air Force and the Atomic Energy Commission - a double threat to any Interlopers. In this view of the region it may be seen that any trespassers would show up instantly on the screens of the constantly-on TV monitors. Also, control of personnel through the few checkpoints could be accomplished with efficiency and dispatch.
The Mercury ASP base was desirable from a number of security-related standpoints: 1. Strange shipments could be delivered inside trucks marked with the dreaded "radiation" sign. 2. Staff could come and go via the heavily guarded airfield. An elaborate warning-wave-off radioradar protection system prevented any private planes from using the field except for dire emergencies. Even then, strangers were prevented from actually seeing anything of a compromising nature. 3. Odd noises, weird devices, excavations were permissible since no outsiders had visual or audio 4. Coded communications could be made by regular or incredibly high frequency microwave radio. 5. Tensions could be relieved by making the less-than-one-hour trip to Las Vegas, a 24-hour-a-day, seven-days-a-week, anything-goes resort boasting more than 30 large casinos. Last but far from least, a liason was established with the hidden rulers of Las Vegas, the crime organization chieftans. When needed, services could be exchanged on a mutually beneficial basis, Le., large sums of money for use of expert "button men". The Cosa Nostra staff presented no problems for ASP Security; they had centuries of practice in remaining silent. U.S.-Mafia criminal cooperation was hardly new. Mafia chieftans aided American troops. During the invasion of Sicily during WWII
Staffing ASP was not as difficult as it might appear to the layman. First, everyone has a price although sometimes the price is one's life. Notwithstanding diehards, recruiting of ASP people went swingingly. People love to know secrets and they also love to have lots of money to spend. ASP provided both. Salaries of $50,000 for minor technicians were not uncommon. We have deleted the pay of higher staff personnel out of sympathy for the taxpayer who might be reading this chapter. In addition to salaries, expense accounts for "rest and relaxation" were virtually unlimited. It is interesting to note that during the build-up of ASP facilities near Mercury, income for many of the Las Vegas casinos hit new highs. Three major categories of ASP personnel existed: 1. Top level management, including DIA and supplemental agency support. 2. Interface personnel, many on "need to know" basis. 3. The astronauts themselves.
Recruiting of the first two categories was done on a money first, patriotism second, basis. It was eminently successful. More descretion was required in obtaining the cooperation of astronauts. For these dedicated and brave men, the following arguments were used: A. The moon mission was tremendously important to the continuance of the United States as a (or THE) power in political, military, scientific and technical areas. B. Billions of dollars and several lives had been spent so far; to scratch the mission at this point (1983) would be disastrous to the administration from a public relations standpoint. NASA was in the same position as a Vegas gambler who is in too deep to quit. (NASA's self-interest was also a strong influence: it is a truism that all bureaucracies seek to expand or at least perpetuate themselves.) C. There would be no danger since the men would not exit the earth's gravitational field. D. Fame and fortune would be theirs, tarnished only slightly by the fact that the voyage would be illusionary. slide E. Intimations that refusal could bring reprisals ranging from demotion to in-flight "accidents". There was no need to remind the candidated of the eight astronauts who had died accidently during the early phases of Apollo slide NOTE: Thomas R. Baron, an employee of North American Aviation, Apollo's prime contractor, submitted a 500 page report on the inadequacies of the program following the fatal fire on Pad 34. Shortly thereafter, Baron was killed when his car apparently stalled in front of a locomotive. In addition to these cogent persuasions, the men approached had lifetime histories of obedience. All were or had been in the armed forces and were accustomed to accepting assignments regardless of risk or rather, in spite of risk. Most pilots are extroverted, game-playing individuals. Thus, it was a relatively simple matter to train the astronauts to play their respective roles in the high drama of ASP.
As with most machinery, strains may develop in humans under stress. The recent breakdown of Edwin A. Aldrin, the lunar module pilot, could be an indication of second thoughts. In summary, ASP recruitment was an unqualified success. That no information has been revealed to this day is not surprising. A CIA-sponsored group known as Air America is noted for its two distinct types of alumni: The silent and the silenced. SLIDE Once a base was established and security ineffect, the preparation of simulation equipment could begin. A complete set of the moon was built in an underground cavern at the ASP base. Every location that would be used for landings was created in exact detail. This elaborate sound stage was code named Copernicus, after one of the lunar craters. It soon earned the name "Cuss" because of problems in lighting and sound. In addition, scale models of the earth, sun, moon and other bodies were carefully built and mounted within a planetarium-like device so that they could be positioned and photographed with accuracy, repeatability and believability. The underground sound stage resembled those at a major Hollywood studio complete with overhead catwalks for lighting, camera dolly tracks and other basic filming and TV equipment. In addition, there was a plethora of special effects tools, including high intensity lighting to imitate the harsh glare of sunlight on the airless moonscape. All scenes of the Lunar Excursion Module (LEM)were filmed on this set with the astronauts as "stars". There were no more problems than would appear during the filming of "Star Trek", "2001, A Space Odyssey", or "Silent Running". After all, Hollywood grips and gaffers, cameramen and directors had acquired long experience in science fiction film production. A plus for the project was the advantage of filming silent. All voices and equipment sounds were dubbed in by an elaborate sound creation and dubbing studio immediately adjacent to the moon set. SPECIAL NOTE: In the film "Diamonds Are Forever", with Sean Connery playing the role of Agent 007 - James Bond, there is a curious and unexplained scene. He enters a secret research facility in the Nevada desert by ruse. Suddenly he finds himself in a large room in which there is an authentic moon landscape. Lumbering about in their clumsy space suits are two would-be astronauts. Nothing happens, the scene is not explained, and the viewer is left to ponder Its significance. Could it be...? Yes, it could!
The term "hardware" became a standard term in the aerospace Industry for anything that was not stored in a file cabinet or recorded on tape. In short, it meant anything that was manufactured: from an Automatically controlled solenoid to an IDIOT (Intermediate Digital On-Line Transducer). From the date of the decision to simulate, a modified hardware program was conducted. For example, the Saturn C-5 moon rocket assembly was built to specifications with one major modification: instead of the totally unreliable F-l engines, five booster engines of the more dependable B-l type as used in the C-l cluster for the Atlas missile were used. Although a cluster of five B-l engines produced only one-half of the output of a single F-l chamber, the power (750,000 pounds thrust) was sufficient to launch the virtually empty Apollo vehicle. If the rocket had been in its designed form it would have weighed 6,000,000 pounds, or 3000 tons fully loaded. This is the weight of a U.S. naval destroyer, further pointing out the total impracticality of the venture.
However, by eliminating every apsect of the moon voyage - fuel, heavy engines, LEM vehicles, etc., the total weight of the modified, shortrange, simulated voyage Apollo was less than one-twentieth of the original, or about 150 tons. This loading was well within the capabilities of the B-l propulsion units. Also, since the originally planned two million parts were reduced to a mere 150,000 gadgets, the success of the limited mission was virtually assured. However, even C-l Atlas engines were known to explode on the pad or shortly following launch. Thus, the escape module for the astronauts was left intact and functioning. If there had been an accidental loss of thrust or other mishap, it would have been simple to have the "saved" astronauts merge from the escape module after its recovery.
Although the most critical element from the standpoint of press and public relations interface, simulated communications and printed data were technically the simplest to produce. 62 First, an agreement was obtained by DIA and ASP representatives working with and through the semisecret Council on Foreign Relations. This agreement being a reciprocal one that would ensure silence on any revelatory Apollo Information by major foreign powers. Russia was the only nation that had the,sophisticated tracking radar capable of foUowing Apollo and thus sabotaging the simulation. But Russia was planning extensive commercial exchange with the U.S. and intelligently recognized that they would gain no real advantage by destroying the U.S. myth . After all, their space program had always been ahead of ours and this fact was weU-established worldwide. Actually, there has never been a real problem between or among major nations where control of the masses has been a consideration, i.e., cold and hot wars to keep the masses occupied while they are being fleeced before slaughter. . The presentation of "on-scene" data was divided into these categories: 1. Visual presentations to the public or uncleared personnel. A. Launch B. Re-entry (although out of sight of carrier crews) 2. Radio transmissions during launch, trip to moon, exploration and return. 3. TV transmission from the moon. 4. Still pictures; black and white and color.
VISUAL PRESENTATIONS Hair-raising for the simulators but most convincing to the public were the launches. After all, if people could drive to the Cape, park and see an immense rocket lift itself off the pad, was this not the ultimate proof that a trip was, indeed, being made to the moon itself? The fact that once out of sight, the vehicle traveled a sub-orbital trajectory to the south polar sea (and jettisoned), did not diminish in any way the blazing glory of the launch to the moon. The return to the earth by the astronauts in their re-entry module was far less risky than the launch. This was true since it waseffected by dropping the module from a C-5A cargo plane. Just prior to this drop, they were picked up at a super-secret, well camouflaged island south of Hawaii. It is interesting to note that the module was always dropped out of sight of the carrier's crew. Had the simulators desired, it would have been possible to drop the module into the Pacific from a far-ranging nuclear submarine. However, the plan method was chosen since it required a smaller crew "in the know" and ease of security that evolves from a hidden air base (Tauramoto Archipelago.)
They are then flown back and sent to Las Vegas to party for two days then flown to the live set to do a taping of the moon landing with kubrick (why do this live?)
Was the Apollo project, real or otherwise, simply a gadget? Was it really one of the means that the controllers use to retain their control? I think the answer to that is yes. However, it was more than just a 30 billion dollar astrophysical toy; it was a replacement for a shooting war. As Shakespeare so wisely said, "Sweet are the uses of adversity." Although the Apollo project was adverse In the sense that it did little more than give employment to many people and advance certain sectors of science, it did allow the present warfare state to maintain the economy without killing a lot of people. In that repect, the Apollo was a "good" project. But viewed from the present day of $1 per loaf of bread and 50 cents a pound of sugar, It was really only a stopgap measure; one designed to maintain control for a few more years while the controUers worked on more lasting schemes . Apollo was a part of the economic disease that now threatens to create monetary havoc not only in the U.S., but worldwide. In that sense, it was genuinely adverse, but only for a limited time. It has been obvious to many that the American standard of living could not continue forever in the midst of abysmal poverty In many other parts of the world. Even though we have been able to live affluently in a wartime of quasi-wartime economy since about 1939, it was inevitable that one day we would no longer be able to borrow to support an unreal and profligate way of life. Ultimately, the pyramid-building phase (throwing money into unproductive projects) had to come to an end.
RADIO TRANSMISSIONS Of utmost simplicity, once installed and checked out, was the radio data transmitted "from" the moon vehicle. Secret, leased and well-secured telephone lines were connected to the antennae inputs of all space communications centers. These included the major tracking stations in Australia, Africa and the west coast of the United States. To accomodate amateur radio operators who might want to tune it, identical broadcasts were made from an orbiting satellite. So perfect were all of these simulations, that the momentary blackout when the module was supposed to be behind the moon was faithfully reproduced.
TELEVISION BROADCASTS Unquestionable the most interesting and entertaining for all concerned (simulators and fools alike) were the scenes of astronauts gamboling about the lunar set. In addition, these delightful frolics were really elementary exercises for the stage crews. After all, decades of special effects development for the motion picture industry preceded the need for this expertise . A curious anomaly occured with respect to this phase of the simulation. The set had to be photographed through filters and electronic "noise "had to be added to avoid a too-perfect picture. Otherwise these scenes would resemble too closely the action from "Star Trek" and other science fiction presentations. Even so, many viewers in bars and country clubs all over the U.S. suspected rather loudly that the scenes were a fake. Little of this reached the newspapers. Note in this montage of photographs of the astronauts "at work" on the moon that the simulation was simplicity itself. With a totally black space background, a rough but firm moon surface and the LEM featured prominently, the reasonably authentic lunar scene was well within the capabilities of motion picture set designers and special effects experts. The range marks lend an uncanny resemblance to reality - a tribute to the painstaking work of the simulators on an unlimited budget The simulators had a choice of several expensive earth models for their "blue-green-island-in-space" photos. Again, highly developed Hollywood techniques allowed many types of pictures to lie with great believability
PLANNING AND SPECIAL PROJECTS This department was charged with the overall responsibility for planning and direction of the simulation. They also undertook (an appropriate word) to cover up any errors of theirs or any other ASP group. It included such elements as: FAVORABLE PUBLICITY RELEASED THROUGH ALL MEDIA The astronauts and their families as viewed through a bottle of syrup. The success of various flights and tests, heavily colored. Advantages of space flight. Many articles were ghostwritten for such characters as Wernher von Braun and appeared in popularized science magazines. Diagrams of space trips. Photographs of lunar landing vehicles, space suits, food and drink, including a new radiator cleaning agent called Tang. Puffery for such over-fed NASA pontiffs as James E. Webb. . Another example of the work of the PASP Group. APPENDD( SCHEDULE AND CHRONOLOGY OF SIMULATED MOON FLIGHTS ITEM REMARKS CLIPPED TIMETABLE FROM EVERNOTE Once the Saturn was out of sight and until the capsule "returned", all evidence of the "flight" was in the form of electromagnetic wares. These, of course, are simple to simulate and transmit. Any or all of the four systems described below could have been employed. Others may have been used but these appear to be the most logical.
LEASED PHONE CONNECTIONS The basic system was provided by direct wire connections interspersed with microwave transmissions. All were basically Bell System communications on a CIA basis : no monitors, or total "hands off*' by the lessors. At the input were, of course, the synchronized tape decks that provided the complete moon landing simulation. It should be noted that these included the response and "recommendations" of Mission Control at Houston. In other words, these tapes were not just transmissions from the moon — they included all audio and the simulated video from the moon set. Thus, Mission Control at Houston and all other communicators were speaking into essentially dead mikes. Data sent into oscilloscopes, graphic recorders and TV screens showing data displays, computor recording banks, were all from this one master tape. Again, there could be no error since all events had been meticulously recorded even to the "boo-boos", jokes and seeming improvisations of the astronauts and their counterparts on earth. Experience for this masterful presentation was derived from decades of sound track effort for both motion pictures and TV presentations of science fiction adventures.
LOW FREQUENCY TRANSMITTERS Unknown to most Americans is the existence of an ultra-low frequency transmission station in a northwestern state. This facility is used to broadcast messages to submerged nuclear submarines. The radio waves sent by this station are so long they are lethal to humans if the latter are adjacent to the transmitter. This permits automatic security. Also, the receivers are of special design and few amateurs would even dream of receiving this type of broadcast. Therefore, ULF was used as a backup to the other methods of transmitting Apollo simulation data of all types . SATELLITE The most sophisticated method was microwave satellite to microwave. As a backup, a special satellite contained a tape unit that could be triggered by the ASP control station at Mercury. Thus, there was redundance to the redundancy Buzz Aldrin was a Manchurian candidate? Research into his nervous breakdown
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Part 31: Cliff Notes, "Awan Brotherhood / Hillary's Hackers"

George Webb
The following are best-effort transcriptions of the George Webb Video Series. The series is a daily, ongoing open source investigation of HRC with researchers in #HRCRatline on twitter and facebook and trello.
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  • [Day 182.1 - Hillary's Hackers, Awan Brothers Saga Deepens, Part 1 - YouTube]
    • Good to get back to the slides to sum up the reporting. A lot of knocking on doors and visiting places in the last couple of days so. Here's my conclusions:
    • What I see Hillary doing with ISI and business leaders is sort of the same thing Rockefeller did with the Pinkertons: in the same way that the Pinkertons cleared the rail lines for the Rockefellers and the robber barons--ISI is clearing the ratlines for Hillary, and that group of investors.
    • I went to Cleveland, I went to NY, to Chicago, to show these different places to Detroit, Toronto, Montreal, to show these different ratlines, and show how it was happening: how these ratlines were being created, how they were collapsing neighborhoods, streets, creating cheap real estate purchasing opportunities and that's what I want to talk about today. Which is using these ratlines to collapse neighborhoods, streets, taking advantage of local populations and then pushing them into lives of crime getting them involved in loansharking, getting them involved in drugs and so forth, and buying real estate on the cheap as the final coup-de-gras.
    • With respect to the Cleveland Clinic, I'm going to point out Tom Glocer. Tom Glocer is a longtime Hillary supporter: one of her key supporters in fact. He is one of the key people doing the real estate investment in NW, the lakefront properties, in Chicago, the NY area, as well as Cleveland area, and Michigan area.
    • Kind of is the: I would guess the real estate baron. Of course he's on the CFR, of course he's a trustee of the Cleveland Clinic.
    • Really this is the last step in this process of collapsing an area, collapsing a street: a hospital as a non-profit buys it, a lot of public money is then used to pay for the facilities that come in, whether it's hospice care, nursing care, cancer care all the different things the Cleveland Clinic does.
    • I take all the IP out and move that to Dubai do training of my poeple overseas to be doctors, not that it's not great to train doctors in the UAE, but I believe that doctors should be trained here in the Cleveland Clinic. We really shouldn't be worried that much about repressive regimes and their economies when they are swimming in money, if you look at the skyline of Abu Dabi you can see they aren't hurting for cash: they don't need more economic development from the Tom Glocers of the world.
    • Am I saying Tom GLocer collapsed the neighborhood on 185th and killed those car dealerships--those people running the car dealerships--for Hillary? No of course not saying that.
    • I'm just saying is that when real estate ppl like Tom Glocer create an environment where gangsters like Dawood Ibrahim, to allow Ibrahim to run an international crime syndicate in PK. He owns 9 homes in PK, he has been responsible for the bombing of Mumbai in 1993, 2007, 2017. Long time contact with PK ISI. Uses the PK 111th for all those bombings in Mumbai. Owns five star hotels in India still.. Owns 9 homes in PK. Huge investments in the UK. Now that Indian intelligence services is tryiing to get him out of India, he's investing now--through the Tom Glocers of the world, through real-estate investment trust--so there's a sanitation layer--into these areas that Tom Glocer is talking about.
    • When the Andrew McCabes of the world allow their friends to invest for any reason, any amount of money, no questions asked, where there's no check on the money laundering, it creates this type environment where you open it up things to gangsters. Al Capone said what one great regret do you have? "Well I probably should have bought a bank." He didn't think that to make bank profits, He said that because he wouldn't have been caught on tax evasion: he would have been able to cleanse the money.
    • What Andrew McCabe is doing is creating an environment where gangsters can invest in the United States. When you create investment opportunities for people like this they don't care when a nice couple who have been in business for 33 yrs get executed on 185th avenue. All they care about is building that casino on 185th avenue, or building that hospice care clinic; or building that new cancer clinic, or EM facilities; or some kind of drug rehab along that Golden Route on the way to Cleveland Clinic with Methadone centers and treatment centers.
    • It's impossible to predict the future, but from everything I see, it reminds me so much of Detroit, Toronto, Montreal, Chicago-- this is what creates the Homen Squares:
    • You create an environment where lawlessness--no check on International money laundering--and it's going to find it's way through real estate investment trusts, through the Tom Glocers of the world. And you're going to find that 185ths are going to be repopulated with some kind of Methadone clinic; Suboxone outpatient facility.
    • I wanted to draw that parallel today.
    • Again, I don't have solid evidence that Mr. Ibrahim here, who is a longtime friend of Benazir Bhutto btw, and built a home next to Bhutto's son and chums around with Bhutto's son.
    • I"m not saying this long-time Hillary supporter is directly investing in Cleveland clinic and his plans on the other side of lakeshore boulevard
    • I'm saying when you have a Mccabe not checking the International money laundering, letting Gulen have 43B dollars in Malaysian Banks with no-check, it creates the environment for the Ibrahims and Glocers of the World.
    • This morning I'm going to be going to a lot of the different crime scenes in Cleveland today and moving on.
  • [Day 182 - Hillary's Hackers, Awan Brothers Saga Deepens, Part 2 - YouTube]
    • This isn't the fun part of the job, let me tell you.
    • I'm at the Mr. Cars dealership again
    • This is the corner: you can see the blood spatter pattern where someone was executed. I believe that probably was where Mike was executed. I'm not sure, but the Dusenberg photo is awry just above the corner there.
    • Looks like he had some tools out, etc. I'm guessing those are his glasses
    • There's a broken chair in the foreground.
    • It looks like with the spatter pattern, there's a U shaped area of solid material in the corner, and lighter spatter on the right wall, and on the lower corner of the door there is a blood pool there as well.
    • So I don't know if that meant Trina was shot on the way trying escape to the back door--that's what the Police are saying
    • There are several things that don't make sense about this murder
    • First of all there was a dog, they owned a doberman
    • They were killed sometime between 7 and 10 o clock. The dealership was closed at 6 so why on a Fri night would they stay here much beyond closing? Hard to understand how they would stay much beyond 7 o clock if they were doing accounting and so forth. {{esp 33 yrs in biz, they'd leave right at 6:01pm, and do late-fri stuff on monday}}
    • The other piece to this is: wouldn't the dog start barking? If you had 2 doors, one here and one over there--wouldn't the dog start barking if an intruder was coming into the location? Wouldn't someone have heard on a Fri night (if the dog started barking). This street was at one time fairly popular for pub crawling.
    • It would still be light out, it would still be 7 o clock--that doesn't make a lot of sense.
    • Then there's the question of the mercedes. Why did the story change from the mercedes being stolen, to a 1990 Tahoe being inserted later on that was sold the prior week. The cobalt 2006 mercedes seems like it's still a part of the story, and somehow has been dropped from the story.
    • The other question still remains why did the BMW that was taken from here and went 100 blocks and was recovered in a police-stop. And the person who was stopped had a series of prior-arrests...why was that person let-go by a lowlevel police officer, rather than their name and picture being published?
    • If a person had that car, it's hard for me to believe they would have had papers to show they had purchased it. And even if they had, what would have stopped the killers from asking for purchase paperwork and backdating it before they killed the couple?
    • It makes sense to me that the thieves/burglars would steal a late model mercedes. It doesn't makes sense they'd steal a 1990 Tahoe.
    • The other piece to this that I'd like to see more information is the autopsies. Whether Trina was raped or not in the backroom. I believe 4 or 5 different people were involved in this. And somehow separated the two, acted as car buyers potentially, knocked on the window, gained entry somehow.
    • You still have the issue of shooting the dog, the dog barking, there's a tremendous amount of commotion, you can see the chair being broken, pieces all over.
    • If you look at this neighborhood, this is quite out-in-the-open. This is all glass [store front is all large windows], in every direction. There's also a garden center [which is also a hydroponics store] -- they would have been able to see across the street from 7-10 o clock, I can't imagine friday night, them not being open.
    • People would have passed by here. People would have been making phone calls. Cellphone records have not been released.
    • There's a 7500 reward here. Of course I will never accept any money of any kind, I will only donate it to Judicial Watch if the killer is found
    • I believe we have to solve this crime and bring back some civility to these cities.
  • [Day 182 - Hillary's Hackers, Awan Brothers Saga Deepens, Part 3 - YouTube]
    • I'm at a bird sanctuary in Toledo OH up on the Lake Erie and I used to come up here to Cedar Point near Sandusky, so this is a bit west of the on the way to Toledo
    • Looking into the car dealer that was associated, near the Cleveland Clinic--even if that is a completely unrelated case to anything having to do with Hillary Clinton and the ISI, one of the things I knew going into it was one of the board members Tom Glocer was a money-mover.
    • He moves money and he moves technology to Dubai.
    • It just doesn't seem right that a key guy on the board should be moving so much technology and money to a foreign country. Especially a foreign country that is so wealthy like Dubai. With some of the tallest buildings in the world. It seems odd there's this back and forth with the doctors. It seems odd that there's this organ harvesting traffic in Turkey and Iran and the northeast corner of Iraq. The ratlines just stink to high heaven.
    • So any time I see a guy like Tom Glocer on the board of a large medical institution--a guy who ran Reuters, and took every Reuters investment advisor and ran them through Ann Arbor, Michigan to try to convince them how tax-free real estate investments in the US was the best way to go bringing in people from all over the world--then I also have my doubts.
    • Tom Glocer also I believe has two daughters that are each married to--I'm not going to say PK ISI--but definitely Dubai-connected Pakistinians. **One of them might be Javed's son. Mr. Riceland, Sugarland Express.
    • So in all these things, when I start these out, I know there's an end in mind--I know there's a connection. And I'm trying to find it through connections and leads that may help solve murders and stop this kind of ghettofication of our cities to be sold out to other countries.
    • I want to thank everybody who helped in the Kuznik murder case. Another 5k has been added to the reward. If anything we've added some light instead of just heat or just emotion to an investigation.
    • This is how it's done. This is the success to me of opium medium research {{erp! George fumbles with a funny spoonerism}} -- "Open Media Research" also. Sometimes you have to research "Opium" to do "opium medium research" I guess {{ haha, George you're the best }}
    • On to Michigan
  • [Day 182,4 Hillary's Hackers, Awan Brothers Saga Deepens, Part 4 - YouTube]
    • I feel good about this trip to DC, NY, Detroit, Montreal, Toronto--I feel like the hard part of this is done
    • When Glocer at Cleveland Clinic, it really comes back to what I call the "Dubai ISI"
    • Imran Awan--and if there are other Awan brothers--they really not Pakistani ISI. I had that impression in my mind, but it was too big an entity for them. They really don't care anything at all about Pakistan. Every action that I've seen, it's really this club of tight, rich kids running around using spy tools that John Brennan and Andrew McCabe has given them for a very small Emirate within the UAE, a super-rich element of cocaine-snorting, model-dating rich kids.
    • I was wrong: I thought this was a Pakistani ISI thing, but it's really a Dubai, or to a lesser-degree an Abu Dabi ISI.
    • A little bit of money goes back to COMSATS, a University in Lahore, PK
    • I think the father, Mohammed Shah, had a lot more care and concern for Pakistan.
    • But the kids don't..I've seen ZERO concern for PK. And so I apologize to PK ISI, they helped us defeat Russia with the Mujahadeen with Graham Fuller: This is really the Dubai ISI with Glocer.
    • I feel like the Dubai code has been cracked.
    • The Cleveland Clinic code has been cracked. I think now the Mayo Clinic will come quickly, Temple University will come quickly, Johns Hopkins will come quickly.
    • All the major organ harvesting ratlines will come quickly, all the major the sex trafficking ratlines will come quickly.
    • I feel really good about that.
    • At this point I feel, if Andrew McCabe decides to take me out of the deal {{ ie: ⌬McCabe⌬ has George 'suicided' or killed }}, the hard part's done--I feel like we're post-Gettysburg now. The easy stuff awaits us.
    • Because, before yesterday, I was talking about Cleveland Clinic--which is 24 board members
    • Today, I'm talking about one particular board member who sold out the United States, who moved money in massive quantities and processed it, and laundered it through Dubai, through Abu Dhabi and brought it back to the United States with these tax-free re-developments, using these hospitals to buy up this land.
    • Al Capone used to set off bombs in bars that wouldn't buy his hooch. Toward the end, he started killing these mom and pops that wouldn't buy his hooch and that's when he collapsed. It's kind of the last gasp of a dying empire.
    • I believe the Cleveland Killings, the Kuznik killings is really the last breath of a dying empire--when you have to kill mom and pops you're on your last leg
    • I feel very good about the trip. Like I said if McCabe takes me out at this point, I feel like it's just a matter of time for him.
    • I remember at the end of the Nuremberg trials, it was a lot fewer people than you thought--it was a lot of people taking orders, a lot of people being intimidated, a lot of people following orders, really was a very small number of people who ended up in the trials, under 150, and I think only about 30-40 actually got prosecuted. I think it's going to be the same way.
    • We're down to individuals now. We're beyond FBI Counterterrorism--it's such a small clutch of people within the FBI counterterrorism now, with McCabe and his clutch of people, with Brennen and a small clutch within CIA.
    • So at this point we're just adding a preponderance of evidence.
    • We're kind of a Nuremberg trials for a lack of a better analogy.
    • That's all for today and tomorrow will be another day
  • [Day 183.1 - Hillary's Hackers, Awan Brothers Saga Deepens, Part 1 - YouTube]
    • Quick recap -- I'm not 'retiring' just retiring from Sunday yesterday.
    • I want to keep going to RT because they can't keep blowing up Parliament every day that RT writes a story about this. It just can't happen. I think everybody might remember the last time--what happened they turned the lights out in NY
    • I think RT's the one to run with this, since they are the ones being attacked
    • I think John Brennan is gonna be the loose thread here. It's going to unwind Mr. McCabe pretty quickly and then the whole thing falls apart.
    • What's great about the Dubai and Abhu Dhabi connections and getting away from PK is all the money connections--this is where the other side of the drug business is coming. This is going to be the Javed side of the business.
    • Looking at the PK side was a little confusing. I should have thought of Zero Footprint and Timber Sycamore coming out of the UAE from the very beginning
    • I kind of gave Imran too much credit. Not looking at the fact he was playing the role of the playboy and all these parties at the UAE
    • I had talked to witnesses who knew this group of 36-40, however many it was. I believe I've identified one of the members of the gang--the PK 111th, and I should have listened. The callous disregard for life, the parties, the cocaine, the girls, the fast cars, all that stuff--I should have listened to this source in Montreal more.
    • I wanted to go back to Tom Glocer he's going to be the key, not only through real estate investments--the arab real estate investment in the Hopitals to launder that money, but he's also going to be the key to the drug companies' investments--he used to work at Merck. While he was at Reuters he brought in all these people from the middle east, at least investment advisors from the middle east to try them to buy into Hospitals to launder the money. I talked about the different ratlines. I'm sure that the hospitals would bring in related businesses around the hospital, like the pain clinic, the spine clinic, the knee clnic, the outpatient clinics, the imaging clinics, all the 'Christmas tree of businesses that come along with investing in the hospital'.
    • What I wanted to say also is to introduce Sheik Zayed. He's one of the Emirates, basically families that didn't get to be king of Saudi Arabia in Abu Dhabi. He was one of the Emirates--Dubai has their own Emirate.
    • Sheik Zayed was the one who came up with the idea: in order to get on the map of US Intelligence, let's organize, and unite as these Emirates, and become the UAE.
    • His sons are going to be the 2 key investors now--[Sheik Zayed is] dead now--through Glocer, in laundering the drug money.
    • Over here you have Dawood Ibrahim doing the dirty work, and then moving the money through the UAE
    • This is the part I love in the research. It focuses the research. The research gets better with more citations. Once the working model becomes solidified and valid, the research becomes even better--it's like a refining, electron [microscope] zooming in on the truth.
    • The other great part about this is the Democrats want to keep this issue alive. They still want to have Imran Awan working for Debbie Wasserman Schultz doing the hacking. This is a current problem today as I speak. It just draws more and more attention
    • The fact his younger brother was paid 160k a year at 22 as a foreign national, is a glaring problem. If nothing else--if we stop right here, this is a midterm election issue for all these Democrats {{ corruption, selling out americans, and waste }}. And they just keep hitting their thumb with the hammer over and over again.
    • Nanoset technologies--there's more there but I won't ruin the fun
    • We also have more coming in on all the proprietaries they created, so the Entity analysis, people doing the link analysis I want to thank you--that's coming, we just can't go there just yet.
    • The Entity analysis and linking with Nasir Khattak--he's the guy who had the car dealership directly next to the car dealership owned by the Awan brothers. Literally right next to it--it's an obvious front. They changed the address patterns so you couldn't find it. It's so cheesy.
    • Mr. Solyndra II here with his Microtron company: he's going to be the key to a lot of the business investments--not the Hospital investments--but more the business investments, the high tech investments, bringing in the money through Reuters, and other overseas advisors into the US, and then laundering.
    • Whatever happened to Omar Awan? Haven't forgotten about him, but he's completely moved out of his commuter home in Manassaas. He's moved out of his Fredericksberg home where his kids were going to school--that's a big deal. That's the wife as well as the 3 kids--they were going to Fredericksberg HS--why the flight to NY? I believe he's working in the investment banking community now.
    • The bounce between NY and DC, depending on where the heat is, is usually the operative thing that's going on there--Schumer will hire you up there to get out of the heat...when the heat's gone then you go back to DC and do more hacking / bring more people in
    • On the EBT Card thing: you're going to find this all over the country, encouraging people who are addicts to come in, and get 50% on the card as cash--I"m not saying that's for drugs. I'm saying that take that and then go buy stuff from the convenience store. But what I am saying, though, is it's a network to recruit from. This is more the recruiting network for ratlines.
    • I didn't mean to let Graham Fuller off the hook yesterday. He did do Gladio B. I'm not saying he's without sin. Yes he did help Gulen move 40B to Malaysia, yes Hillary did move 1.5B to Malaysia.
    • I haven't forgotten about Detroit, I just don't have time right now
    • Last thing on the car dealership [Kuznik]. This car dealership murder is going to be the same as the Manassas Mahmood in Richmond: You're going to find an ISI guy hiring someobody like MS13, in this case I think it's going to be Somalis. Two Somali couples. One couple buys the BMW with the wife Trina, the other couple buys the Mercedes with Mike and distracts everybody. They shoot the dog and Mike first, then shoot Trina later in the back. The girls go outside during the shooting, they cover each door. The one couple takes the BMW down to 48th and Dennison and that's where Steve Stephens is going to kill them (they're going to find the bodies eventually). Then the other couple is encouraged to drive to Erie, PA for their payout, to go over state line to PA, and I think that's where Stevens kills the other couple.
    • Unfortunately, these these kids don't realize that when they get hired into these murder-for-hire things the ISI kills you at the end, the way that dead men tell no tales. So I think you're going to find 4 there.
    • So when Stevens said he killed 13, I think it's going to be those 4, and I think he did 8 before a year ago down in s. Ohio again with Somalis with the 8 Rhoden kiilings. If the sheriff down there would release the information and the tips, I could tell you whether it was MS13, Hells Angels, or Somalis. I believe it's going to be Somalis because that's in Columbus territory.
    • Anyway, I don't want to get into the John Kasich and his mother being from Yugoslavia, and the organ harvesting, and how that happens under John Kachich's nose in Columbus
    • I just want to say it is the Somali gangs. Again these are kids brought in from a war torn situation, they are 5-6 yrs old, they are forced to execute people, they've killed 20 people by the time they're 12, so they're perfect people to bring into the US as operatives.
  • [Day 183.2 Hillary's Hackers, Awan Brothers Saga Deepens, Part 2 - YouTube]
    • {{ minor correction for clarity's sake: George says 182 part 2, it's actually 183 part 2 -- these videos are single-take so bound to be errors like that}}
    • Fort Wayne, Proof of life -- as Obama is talking at the University of Chicago, I hope someone asks about my brothers with a little bit more melanin than I, and why they are disappearing in such numbers at Homen Square.
    • This is a shoutout to UC kids: ask about Homen Square.
    • Why didn't he shut it down?
    • What's going there?
    • Does he have any ideas?
    • Homen Square: ask the question
    • Other things I wanted to say was in terms of this search engine.
    • Watch this search engine go now once we focus on two key terms, "Glocer" "Zayet" {{"Zayed" ?}} family from UAE
    • Watch this incredible search engine that you've all created go to work and bring out all the different hospital contributions and expose all the money laundering and ratlines
  • [Day 183.3 Hillary's Hackers, Awan Brothers Saga Deepens, Part 3 - YouTube]
    • Andrew McCabe just spoke at the CSO Summit 2017, so I wanted to send this to #CSOSummit17
    • He spoke about law and order, he said, "you know at the FBI we focus on the law and facts"
    • I know he's in charge of the Huma Server and the Hillary Server, so I also wanted to make him aware of the server that the Awan brothers had--these three Awan brothers that were working for Congress. This is Imran Awan but there are 2 other brothers as well. If you are not familiar with the case, I'll briefly review it for you.
    • McCabe-McAuliffe recap; McCabe obstruction of Justice recap
    • So while we're lecturing on law and order and facts, I thought I would make Mr. McCabe aware of some of those facts
    • Why isn't FBI investigating?
    • US Marine testimony recap
    • So there's the facts, Mr. McCabe. Now it's your turn to decide what to do with them.
  • [Day 183.4. Hillary'Hackers, Awan Brothers Saga Deepens, Part 4 - YouTube]
    • I start thinking about Imran Awan's salary.
    • I wasn't always a self-funded journalist.
    • I had some good years selling computers and computer software.
    • I had about ten years where I was paid about what he was making in taxes, and I don't know if could cover all four brothers, four brother, the full four million or five million, but I could have covered Jamal's time in terms of the taxes I paid while he was in Congress because he was there only a couple of years making 160k. I paid quite a bit of money in taxes.
    • This is an odd situation.
    • The irony is that...maybe the poetic part of it.
    • McCabe sitting over at the FBI can order up surveillance, a deep dive they call it. ELSUR. They can order a deep dive on somebody that cuts across the Dyncorp backbone of 30 different agencies. If you owe taxes, if you own land, all your electronic communications, your email, your texts. Then they can throw the hammer down on an operation on you, with the harassment thing: hire private corporations owned by their brother, these 6922 independent, private corporations that Dana Priest originally reported on, that are supposed to be doing anti-terrorism.
    • This is kind of the deplorables list that Hillary had. Without doing an assessment--because it's a liaison operation, it's through a foreign service, I dont' have to report on it--so I can do the electronic surviellance, I can order up the harassment, do the disruption, and never have created a job.
    • Mr. McCabe has had public employment his whole life. He's never created a job.
    • Imran Awan and the brothers have only come to the US since they were 22 as foreign nationals, making 160k a year while everybody else in Congress is making 40% or 35% of what they're making I just thought this is interesting you know, it's an interesting turn of events. That's all I'll say for tonight.
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Transcript of George Webb Video Series Part 297 "Hillary's Leakers, Hackers, and Henchmen" [@Georgwebb / #HRCRatline]

  • Day 156.12 John Barnwell Knows Who St. Germain Was - YouTube
    • {{ 911: The Alchemist St. Germain is Kevin Francis Bacon }}
    • Ok it's day 156 this is part 12
    • And I had no idea I would be making films this late into Saturday night
    • But I just listened to the last missive from John Barnwell and also Doug Gabriel at American Intelligence Media
    • And I have to say, I am always just incredibly impressed by AIM
    • Their depth of field
    • I mean if if they didn't work in the Intelligence business I don't know who did--John Barnwell it just sounds--like he's looking over Allen Dulles' shoulder, saying, "Allen you're gonna subvert the country if you do that you're gonna serve the country if you do this. Don't do it"
    • {{ 911: Doug Gabriel is Ex-NSA, Signals Intelligence, scalar antennas branch; Also claims to be an ex-Jesuit and outed Lionel as a Jesuit (his reaction was hilarious and didn't refute it)--Doug an Anthroposophist, offshoot of Theosophy, an offshoot of Rosicrucianism; and Doug also claims to be a Freemason, which is weird because Catholics can't be a Freemasons }}
    • But what I liked about Doug Doug Gabriel is he is this pitbull
    • And I love the ferocity and just engagement that he takes on everything with
    • And John Barton well I look at as as this kind of deep deep analyst
    • The person who looks at these situations and sees things over the full flight of history, the full flight of time, with all the operations--starting with Dulles, even before that OSS operations going all the way through
    • So this--they have comparative law as a degree
    • Well John Barnwell to me as comparative Intelligence, comparative Intelligence operations
    • He can he can just summon these histories of the Intelligence operations
    • Not only of the US Intelligence operations, but he's well versed and deep in in MI6 and British Intelligence before that etcetera
    • So that's what I love I mean now, I know that John Barton well knows who I am which is--quite--quite I don't know I'm I'm smiling here in Washington DC
    • And Doug made an apology at the end of this film here, which I would urge everybody to listen to
    • This is just the best stuff--just these are just the experts
    • This is just refined down to only the crystalline diamonds that you get in this kind of a report
    • But--what I really got from Doug was--I think he's understanding me a little bit more
    • I'm not an apologist for the SES
    • I'm more of a surgeon of the SES, trying to cut asunder what is not really worth examining
    • And then focusing in like a pathologist on the cause of death, or the thing that has caused this death of this democracy
    • So I think he's understanding me a little bit better
    • And I'm understanding him a little bit better
    • I think the debate now, is moot
    • The debate now, is moot because we both understand each other so much better
    • And--I must say I'm a little star-struck that John Barnwell knows my name
    • But we all shall move forward in this great open-source endeavor
    • Because I have said from the beginning that no I'm more the maybe the hound over here the blue tick hound as he called me--the nice guy dog who just sniffs the trail
    • And this is Doug Gabriel, who is is the bastion of being the pitbull of democracy
    • But together together we are going to deliver the winning hand here, of the four aces over kings
    • And I do believe with this open source Intelligence network, this cooperative effort, we will win over the deep state
  • Day 157.1 Three Layers of SES - Awan Contra Unfolds - YouTube
    • It's day 157 part 1
    • And if you didn't see the last three episodes yesterday boy a lot happened after 6 o'clock
    • So I made several videos just sort of dissecting the SES to really understand what happened
    • And again, I always go to documents that...and official acts of really explain what happened
    • But with the way I see it is the Senior Executive Service never really was that
    • Maybe it started out as executive service
    • But it was really a Senior Intelligence Service from the beginning, when George Bush kind of pushed it through
    • It was sort of to take over and have the Intelligence services, or Deep State, or Shadow Government, whatever you want to call it
    • I know that some people make a distinction say Dow and DuPont, maybe the shadow government in the Deep State are their hands and feet or levers in the Government
    • But you get the idea: that the Government is not beholden to the people, or the President, as the Constitution would say
    • It's beholden to these kind of Deep State owners, this kind of power elite
    • I've been talking about the power elite for quite some time
    • I think since the first day of the series
    • So that's really what it is
    • And these there's three key areas of authorization that happened inside this Senior Executive Service
    • This FBI-DEA Senior Executive Service
    • Then this DISES that happened
    • And then this this SNIS
    • And this really was the top--in the Nazi days they would call this the high command
    • This is the top level of security, I believe
    • Like the Majestic 12 level a type of security, where it's a very few insiders
    • This is the Christopher Wray, the Mueller, McCabe, Comey, Rosenstein, Priestap, Weissman, that sort of thing
    • This is the and the or Bruce Ohr...then this mainly around drug trafficking
    • Now, what they're going to say this goes back to Mena Airport
    • This is for national security
    • We needed to run these drugs in order for these smaller nations, in order to get weapons in order for us to maintain a balance of power
    • There's all sorts of rationalizations--of why the drug trade in Pakistan was so important to take down the Soviet Union
    • Why it's so important for drug trade pretty much all over the world in terms of worldwide security and balance balance of power
    • But I go back to Deep Uranium telling me at the listening station, at the Navy listening station, at Lake Pontchartrain
    • (Punch our train I guess it's pronounced)
    • There are certain things that it would hit the radar, that they would say "sailor--that's none of your business"
    • There's certain planes that were going
    • In the beginning and in the early 80s, it was a small Barry Seal type Cessna planes
    • But quite quickly it transitioned into the heavy lift type C-130s
    • And you know now, that Hercules type, I can't remember if that's a C-147 going to Stratcom in Omaha, Nebraska
    • So very quickly this operation cycled up
    • And this hitting this level here was really institutionalizing this kind of secret trade, that you needed to be read into this program
    • And what came along with this was a program to destroy anyone who would reveal
    • This program
    • This program carried with it tremendous rewards in terms of the drug business
    • Mena Airport by itself was a hundred million dollar a month operation
    • This transition more into a billion dollar a month operation
    • This is Day 150
    • So the and this is again, American Intelligence Media said some very nice things about me, toward the end of the day
    • John Barnwell as well as Doug Gabriel, so I appreciate that
    • But then when it really expanded was this sort of night 1996, where Hillary sort of saying--"we might not win this thing..this election in '96"
    • I can't even remember who they candidate was--I'm thinking it was Bob Dole
    • But just in case, let's go ahead and authorize this thing it's just in case we're out of power
    • That way we'll have a second level of cadre
    • This is the Awan brothers level, where we're going to bring in a set of this--is almost like I think of like bringing in G4S
    • Sort of like almost the British bringing in the Hessians
    • This is a second raid of mercenaries basically being brought in, primarily, to build out this service, just in case we lose, okay?
    • But they won
    • And then the Defense Authorization Act kind of put it through
    • And then finally they kind of ran into where they filled out all these DoD positions
    • Remember these the funding here is coming from the DoD and I'll prove that in just one second
    • Where we need to build out, and use all these spots, and infiltrate across 17 different agencies
    • Not just three or four
    • This was this one was building out FBI DEA to jump here to go to NGA the National geospatial
    • NRO National Reconnaissance
    • CIA, DIA, especially DIA creating DIA
    • This one really here was establishing it across 17 different ones, and primarily increasing surveillance all along the way
    • And then increasing the business--increasing the volume of the business
    • And this maps directly with the deaths opioid deaths
    • And it Maps directly with the increasing level of purity also of the opium, and opiate, and opioid products
    • So here's just a megaupload that somebody gave me a link to
    • But I think it's very instructive
    • It's a memo from 2005
    • It was top secret at one point I'm assuming it is now, declassified
    • And I'm looking at it
    • If it is top secret still, I just want to say that I am reading this with the understanding it's not classified, I was sent a link, so I wasn't the one who did the compromise here
    • And it says here changes to the Senior Executive Service
    • And removing the levels in the Defense Information the DI there
    • And then you slightly pause, SES
    • And it's talking about someone at the NSA reporting directly to Michael Hayden
    • So this is a memo to the people of NSA saying, "hey for our SES inside NSA, we're gonna make some changes"
    • And so what it basically goes through it says "NSA originally misses (Again, 2005) had talked about a pool of candidates from this GS-15"
    • But then director Hayden Michael Hayden became convinced in 2001 that NSA was understaffed
    • So that's when they started hiring the people from other agencies
    • And just kind of helicoptering people in, without having come up through the ranks in NSA
    • And I I think this is so important that you come up through the ranks, in order to understand what's actually not only the technical confidence in communications competence with your other people that you work with, but also understanding how change can be effected, and also just a matter of loyalties
    • If you bring in somebody from another country that's unvetted, that's very different than working side by side with somebody or through crisis after crisis over 20 years, and now, you're gonna go into the Situation Room with that person, and start giving away national secrets
    • It's a much different situation especially at the NSA I can't say how important this is
    • Again, I've never worked there I know family members who have
    • So I, again, my experience here is third hand
    • But this is the memo talking about hey we we used all of our slots
    • We went to the max number, went to the the maximum number
    • And then when that level was reached on October 2014, we couldn't we couldn't authorize any more appointments here
    • So now, the director has the intention of working with the DoD to raise the level of senior executives to be named
    • And this is the continual infiltration
    • I think that's the important thing that I want to stress, is as the business became bigger, just like if you had more McDonald's and--in the early growth days of McDonald's--started in California, then it became a West Coast phenomenon
    • And then it became a nationalized phenomenon, you would add more people, you'd add more layers of Management
    • And that's exactly what happened, with the drug business
    • And again, I go back to Deep Uranium, and Lake Pontchartrain, sayingm, "there are certain things on the radar that are dark"
    • And the other thing that I'm just going through all these documents
    • And there's hundreds of documents that I received from this megaupload of all these people
    • This is this NASA guy giving out SES kind of certificates here
    • And I will just say one thing
    • And I won't talk too much to it
    • But this and again, if I'm looking at something that's classified I don't know that I am
    • But there's a lot of documents here to go through
    • Now, I don't I'm not going to just post them willy-nilly
    • If someone has any insight of whether these are still classified I would appreciate it
    • But you get what I'm saying is that it started when those organization first was announced, they don't say, "hey we're gonna start an SS"
    • We're all gonna get black outfits just like Hitler had
    • It starts out with all good intentions with good things
    • And then gradually it starts with this kind of Masonic rings that--here's the highest level of secure access program
    • Then you divided break things up--by department, so nobody knows the whole true story down here at the mercenary level
    • And then it's broken up again as it as it gets down to the 17 different units at the bottom of the pyramid
    • So the guy doing beam geospatial interpretation at NGA, doesn't know anything about the drug activity
    • All they know is those are blips that have been whited out by somebody here at this level
    • Aomebody has gone through the feed, and just basically blank those out
    • So that those are not operated on
    • Those are shot out of the sky basically
    • And this goes back to what Deep Uranium told me a long time ago, which is certain objects in the sky, as well as objects at sea (I would guess) are no questions asked
  • Day 157.2 Inspector General Vacancies - Roadmap To Scandal - YouTube
    • It's day 157.2
    • And this is a March 2018 report about the vacancies vacancies here in the inspector general's offices
    • They're supposed to be about 64 inspectors general in the different departments
    • These are the key investigators of the investigator to investigators to eliminate a waste fraud and abuse in the Federal government
    • Now, here are the departments listed by length of vacancy
    • You can see here Department of Interior
    • You can read this Uranium One Uranium One Uranium One, the BLM being a part of the Department of the Interior
    • That is gone the longest without the inspector general
    • So I'm going to say that that is China China China, as far as deals go with forest reserves
    • And then also Russia Russia Russia with Uranium One type minerals deals, through Canada
    • Always through Canada
    • It's always going to be through an intermediary
    • Exim Bank--the Export Import Bank is important we looked at a Senior Executive Service there the other day
    • These are multiplies identities with Senate confirmation almost four years now
    • Again, this goes up now, it's almost six years
    • Now, for Department of Interior right
    • So Department of Energy with the Saipov truckers
    • We know that's a big one
    • Department of Defense Department of Defense almost two years
    • We're spending a record amount on the flying F-35 flying pigs squadron, yet no Inspector General
    • The huge increase we just had in the budget there
    • OPM, this makes me think of Mike McMahan, right, with FBI saying 665,000 went through with no vetting
    • Now, that is that a good situation?
    • We're going to get to Andy McCabe and the GCHQ desk over at Fort Washington and Fort Meade here in a second, maybe the Navy Yard Postal Service
    • Again, how many are how many postal employees are being diverted to other things that's the key there is whatever they say they are you are inevitably going to be some departments some silent employees some employees working off-site they're actually doing different things that shouldn't Social Security and
    • Now, you can see NSA this is gonna be Doug Gabriel's old department here at NSA right
    • I've met I can't count how many people I've met from NSA and interviews that conducted at NSA
    • But anyway the Small Business Administration--we've talked about that 8A firms
    • And the kind of the GSA
    • This is the kind of the Freytag insider GSA
    • We're gonna do portal don't worry we'll take care of it
    • You got the Election Commission which is scary in and of itself
    • Then HUD
    • And then we just lost the Tennessee Valley Authority
    • I don't know if that's Uranium One or megatons to megawatts
    • But this almost reads like all the scandals that are about ready to break
    • In the order that they're gonna break
    • It's almost an amazing--just by vacancies, is gonna tell you almost what the order of scandals and how they're gonna break
    • Let's go drill down now, a little bit
    • Here's Andy McCabe saying he's confused
    • This is where he's confused about when he talked to reporters
    • He's gonna be even more confused when we talk about Fort Washington, Navy Yard and Fort Meade, and the GCHQ desk--I'll explain what I mean
    • So this is the Navy Yard
    • I've said building 213, underground building there, was where the Awans worked, along with Rao and company, potentially is one area
    • Now, could be that they worked from home out in Springfield
    • And then came in to the Navy Yard when they needed to get into the SCIF
    • So we don't know that
    • They could have been working at NGA in Springfield, or out in the secure facility out there, with JTTF, that's possible
    • And then only coming in to the Navy Yard for access to SIPRnet
    • Did they have access to the SIPR secure net out there?
    • Could they access the SIPRnet if they just went to TISCOM the TISCOM over here in down along the Potomac over here
    • We don't know, we don't know exactly
    • The National Harbor is obviously going to play a big role in Five Eyes, because that's where we're going to give our data over here to G4S
    • G4S is going to probably be our contractor for food inspection all over the world, for DHS
    • That's where you're gonna have the drugs
    • That's where the drug inspection line especially for the Halal meat, and potentially also fruits and vegetables
    • But here's the for just reference purposes here's where that famous Hawkshead drive is is where I find...[the Blackberries]
    • There's the auto train right choo choo get ready--here comes another load of weapons, Deep Uranium depleted small missiles, in the trunk
    • Thanks Alpha giallo Jalloh, we'll talk to you later
    • That's all down here fort belvoir of course--and Andre Taggart fame the Defense Logistics Agency
    • So this just for reference here
    • So we've got the National Harbor we've got the Navy Yard
    • Now, the other one I wanted to introduce you
    • You've been introduced by Macduff, who by the way he said, his father was the highest-ranking guy at the Pentagon
    • But there were at 1971, there was no GS 17 18 19, he was a GS 17 or 18 19 equivalent something like that, very high up, highest-ranking civilian in the Pentagon
    • No no retirement program whatsoever
    • But here's Fort Washington that I if you remember me going down the Potomac
    • And then shooting that from the river it's because it's easiest way to access it
    • Of course here's Fort Hood here's Ryan Hart gallon here's all that Nazi art that we found
    • So this is really kind of a tour de force in with a map
    • Here's Joint Base Andrews with Tuskeegee Airmen memorial over there a lot of
    • I've talked to a lot of G12s, 13s at work there
    • Also the bowling Air Force Base bowling
    • And here somewhere right in here somewhere of course Anacostia DHS, right in here
    • So I've spent a lot of time researching this
    • But this facility here, it's interesting because it came out on CRYPTOME
    • And this came out a while ago a friend of mine who used to work at it she had NSA told me about this site
    • He's relative of mine I think
    • And we told me about this site with CRYPTOME
    • And CRYPTOME has all these things saying hey there's a CI under undercover research facility at this site here at River Road ten five thirty River Road
    • Well this is supposedly where the hammer is
    • That's the hammer here's the gate there's a bunch of grass you don't really see much there's the gate there
    • The hammer is if you recall is where supposedly John Brennan and James clapper have the illegal ways of listening in on conversations
    • Is that where Andy had the Awans listening in the conversations at the GCHQ desk?
    • Or did he have them in Fort Meade?
    • Or did he have him over at JTTF in Springfield
    • We don't know the answer to that yet
    • But they're gonna be one of those locations
    • Now, everyone says, oh wait a minute, "it's the interagency training center it's the ITC"
    • So this used to be big secrets now, everyone, says oh yeah Fort Washington is where we train all of our interdepartmental folks
    • We haven't shown you that yet
    • But I like going to the map, and just showing how this stuff goes from oh this is a conspiracy theory to oh well by the way actually it is what the reality is
    • So if you want to see that again, on the map, go right back to the map here
    • This is this place right here from across from Fort Washington
    • Oxen Hill of course is where Macduff's office was
    • That's up there high on that hill by the casino let's launder some money today we'll put it right through the MGM casino there
    • And that is your geo allocating wrap-up for this morning
  • Day 157.3. Whistleblower Sunday - Reinstating Robyn Gritz - YouTube
    • It's day 157
    • And this is whistleblower Sunday
    • We won't be at the Capitol today
    • So JK all those waiting to hear JK splendid voice unless maybe we go over later
    • But we are going to go meet with Macduff
    • Macduff, if do you remember, his father was the highest-ranking civilian at the Pentagon in 1971
    • No SES for him
    • Even though he was probably the most qualified man to ever serve in the FBI, as far as cleaning up the FBI, and also the CIA primarily
    • But anyway we're gonna have that whistleblower
    • We're gonna have obviously Task Force
    • And we're going to be asking Task Force for a special endorsement today, to ask a third whistleblower a favor
    • And part of it
    • Well I should just say is to reinstate Robyn Gritz at her back pay
    • But Task Force is also going to be asking something else, hopefully
    • At the meeting we want to propose that she has at the Trump White House, with Donald Trump
  • Day 157.4. What Level Clearance Does Trump’s Daily Briefer Have? - YouTube
    • Day 157 part 4
    • This was such a happenstance
    • This is why I loved taking Lyft
    • Our guy with taskforce and I was CIA
    • CIA contractor that is
    • I know there's some people get really touchy about that
    • Yeah CIA contractor I won't say what kind of contractor
    • But he worked a lot at Langley
    • And he also ended up working a lot for ONI--Office of Navy Intelligence--Suitland, here in Maryland
    • And he was telling us all the procedures to go through...and--all the different badges that go through a badge to get another badge to get another badge
    • But the funny it's the funny little stuff that comes in on these sides, which is like
    • "Well they never would let us do an invoice directly to the CIA, never"
    • "It was always ACG--the American government--you know or USG, USG US govt US government"
    • So I thought that was funny
    • But he said that they would walk by the Reader boards in the operations room all the time
    • Not actually in the operations, where all the drone strikes are and all that
    • But you could see the through the glass
    • And they said eyes down--do not look at the--the board
    • But I just thought that it was an interesting story, if somebody's actually been in the CIA
    • I've never been there I know I think I might know somebody who has been, I don't know, anyway
    • So that leads us to the next question which is:
    • "How is it really set up? What level of clearances does the CIA have?"
    • "And does the CIA have a higher level of security clearance than the president?"
    • Now, someone said that that Doug Gabriel over at AIM had a Q level clearance at the NSA
    • {{ 911: Top Secret Secure Compartmentalized Information (TS/SCI) 'NSA CRYPTO clearance', even higher than Q I believe (Q is specifically DOE) }}
    • So I knew he was at NSA
    • But I didn't know he had a Q level clearance
    • Now, it's my understanding the president has a Q level clearance
    • {{ 911: Doug said his clearance was higher than the presidents is now }}
    • So that would be an interesting question
    • In order to give that president his daily briefing, like John ran Brennan used to do for Obama
    • And oh by the way, if you if you have a kidney need, you could go to China or Homen Square
    • U.S. Marshals will bring somebody fresh, for an interrogation
    • And get get all set up you don't need to join a dialysis anymore here in Fort Washington
    • But anyway the presidential daily briefing
    • You would think that that person would have to have a higher clearance
    • Now, I have one person telling me, Deep Uranium, who worked with a lot of people with high-level clearances, that there is the letters of the alphabet
    • So Romeo Sierra tango jumps past you for some reason (because I guess doesn't sound tough enough) then victory then Majestic 12
    • Now, the Majestic 12 just for people who think it's fake or whatever somehow it got associated with UFOs
    • I don't know why
    • There's a little like a Barry seal pic of Barry seal when in the early days of in the early days of Mena Airport that was probably about the right size
    • So anyway back to clearances if we go with with that concept majestic 12 probably would still be in place
    • Now, who was one of the first who were the first two guys on majestic 12 well one of them was VanDerveer Bush Vannevar Bush first guy first guy listed
    • Second guy listed was Forestall, got thrown out of the Bethesda hospital where we did a show earlier
    • So the question for the day now, that I just had the CIA a ride here and the kind of the inside story of the CIA as far as--walking around ONI the Office of Navy Intelligence--is what level clearance is the highest level of clearance?
    • And does the majestic 12 still exist?
  • Day 157.5. Battle of Fort Washington - YouTube
    • {{ 911 Going to lazy transcribe this one }}
    • So it's day 157 this is part five
    • And here we are with Macduff
    • MD: Hey George good to see you
    • And here we are we're gonna little take you through history now, there's the Potomac right keep critical part of the Potomac here where the bend is right?
    • MD: absolutely
    • I'll get you down to one level we're dancers
    • So what now, you let's take you back 1812 Washington has burned well yes if you if you want to talk about Washington is burned 1814
    • And it's the 24th of August of 1814
    • That big city up north there called Washington got burned on that day
    • So now, I'm living in Alexandria Virginia, and these damned British had already come up here
    • They'd already got the ships up there they just ripped off 25 of our ships
    • They took all of our they didn't take the women thank goodness
    • But they took the wine they took the flour
    • And they took the what else well they took the ships age of 25 ships--those are big money
    • So they're they're all gone
    • Now, here is where we tell a good state story about the Navy right because the Navy well you tell a story
    • We got two guys I think that become Army
    • Navy becomes Army
    • MD: here's the situation George of course everyone that could be conscripted or brought into the fight has already long been since brought into it
    • And in fact the guys that were taken down here at the little bitty fort at the bottom there which was you know
    • Now, that was all they had back then
    • There was only 50 some of them, and up comes the flotilla of British ships
    • As I recall there's about 20 or 30 of them including two frigates and some bomb ships
    • And these ships came up the river and the real controversy of Fort Washington was did Captain Dyson blow up the fort because it was the right thing to do as a military matter
    • Or did he blow up the fort because he was afraid of all those big British ships coming up in his direction
    • G: I hear Dyson did the right thing he had only 55 guys had only been here two weeks it to change the underwear
    • And all of a sudden here here comes 50 British ships right at you
    • MD: Absolutely well anyway the point is that by this time Washington has already burned the ships have
    • Now, passed Port Washington here
    • And have gone up to the prize which is Alexandria City which is up here to that direction
    • And the city of Alexandria was where they acquired all their loot
    • And they took the 23 American ships yeah in tow
    • And were sailing them down in the south here when
    • That's when the big Naval brigade comes along
    • G: Now, let me stop you right there. You're gonna remember two famous phrases there's probably only two phrases you remember as one is don't give up a ship right that's Decatur yeah true
    • And then there's another guy named Perry
    • And he's a damn the torpedoes full speed ahead
    • MD: no that was the other war it was uh it was Admiral Oliver Hazard Perry the hero of the Lake Erie
    • And Stephen Decatur um
    • And the two each had American frigates
    • But the frigates had been bottled into port up in Philadelphia
    • And I believe in in Baltimore this Navy was useless because of the overwhelming power of the British Navy
    • So what did they do well they didn't just sit there they all got off of their ships
    • And marched together in a big Naval brigade they marched down here to right there in this area one side went one part under Admiral or captain Decatur went over to the Virginia side
    • And ran down this side of the river as you can see right down there by for hunts to fight hard killing right with Nazis past fort hunt to actually to the next port which is fort belvoir for billboard raids hey Gert how you doing you're talked about many times yeah
    • And in Fort Belvoir there is a big high bluff that they knew about and
    • So test
    • So Decatur
    • And all the guys that had been here at Fort Washington
    • And there's many other Navy guys as they could get went down there
    • And set up a battery at Fort Belvoir just as the British squadron is trying to scoot down the Potomac yeah well when they get to that point they come under a bombardment from Decatur's Navy brigade
    • And this stops them in their tracks until why can I only envision Aundre Taggart pulling the cannon and--becoming the Marines he's probably the first Marine with some reason no Navy where they going on land aren't they Marines the point is that Marines are going to be coming up that Bluff
    • And attacking those cannons that are shooting at at Commodore Gordon the British Commodore ships
    • But what happens is Gordon comes up with a great idea
    • And he does one of those oratio Hornblower numbers where he saves the day by putting all of his ballast all of his cannons
    • And everything else that he can push over to the left side of his ship which causes his ship to tilt up just enough
    • So that the cannons that he still has on the right hand side can fire up
    • And dislodge the American battery
    • And that's the first thing that they had to do to get
    • So that's how he gets by the first one he got Decatur Stephen damn the torpedoes Falls no Stephen don't give up the ship Decatur I think that was Perry that didn't give up
    • But what perry did was here it's on the other side it's here on a Maryland side
    • And he goes down south to the little town of Indian Head tart Owings from our table base there
    • Now, Naval base Indian Head Naval Base
    • And when it gets down to any an head after--the horse-drawn battery that he's able to get down there sets it on artillery flying artillery just as the British squadron is still just barely getting by
    • And then some of their ships get stuck down there on the shoals tell me the British get a good thrashing yeah we let our capital burn let's give them a good French no British got away George Oh cheats I thought this is gonna be a good one no well it is a good one because of this because of all of this la that was created in the British trying to escape down the river the American troops had enough time to concentrate at Baltimore and
    • So by the time that Commodore Gordon rejoined the British fleet
    • And they were able to sail into Baltimore on I believe the 27th no no in September in September they got in the bottom by that time there was fifteen or twenty thousand American militia troops
    • And they were all well entrenched
    • And ready for the British
    • So when the British got to Baltimore the star-spangled banner flew all night right Francis Scott Key wrote the anthem
    • And the British went back the way they came that's history ladies
    • And gentlemen well thank you very much Macduff left-handed handshake left-handed salute thank you sorry I missed on those quotes there the captain no that's it
    • And thanks to Macduff
    • And the reason why we're here today is Whistleblower Sunday
    • And we'll talk to you a little bit more about that in a minute
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Transcript of George Webb Video Series Part 123: "Hillary's Leakers, Hackers, and Henchmen" [@Georgwebb / #HRCRatlne]

  • Day 304.2 Utrice Lein PRN Broke the Spy Ring in Congress - YouTube
    • Set up here
    • So there you are Okay. all in all we're just another brick in the wall right we don't need no education we just need to have thought control and then how it goes no dark sarcasm in the ports of America
    • Okay. I will just say briefly
    • Now welcome to brickwork here from Indianapolis or from Indiana I grew up there and and the brickworks
    • The brickworks was the Indy 500 right
    • Andre Carson I just wanted to bring up another person who had their phone their phones configured by our good friend are Awan Brothers
    • And a couple of quick news items J Sekulow I believe it's Jordan Sekulow Jordan maybe his son Jay Sekulow is at ACLJ not ACLU ACLJ at the ACl Jay is the more aggressive one than a-c-l-u
    • But we are obviously leveraging off the ACLU case that's still moving ahead with the JTTF
    • But when I came to this location was interesting because immediately I got a marketing phone call
    • And I thought wow that'd be a brilliant way of like geo-locating somebody if you were a survey lien you just keep calling them in when you stop seeing a move wherever you tail them wherever they are you see them whatever
    • And then you see when the uber drops them off and then there if there's only one guy in the Hoover at the end of the street then you go okay well let's figure out what house is that we'll just geo locate him and then boom you have your G4S guy just call the phone number and from some marketing company or whatever and how you got its exact location
    • I don't know why that thought went across my head
    • I get a lot of those calls a lot those marketing calls a lot right after I go to a new location
    • And I just never put two and two together before maybe it's conspiracy theory but G4S
    • And now we know from the ACL u-- lawsuit that that's what they do
    • So anyway moving on to Jay Sekulow it looks like Hina Alvi may be getting extradited
    • I'll believe it when I see it I'll believe mug shots when I see it
    • I'll believe due process of law when I see it
    • I'll believe Steve Wasserman's not controlling this case when I see it
    • When I see a press release I'll believe Channing Phillips is the lawyer is not the lawyer
    • When I see a press press conference on this topic we have perhaps conferences how many have we had for the peepee dossier
    • How many Adam Schiff stand-ups have we done outside the House of Representatives
    • And and how many have we done for censoring Trump about whatever I don't know what we're censoring Trump about with McCain and Graham
    • I think it's time now to just kind of like stop with all the standard press conferences for this false narrative
    • And actually investigate the narrative
    • One of the guys on Fox and I can't remember which guy it was but it was a stayer as a stayer Mark Stayer
    • I can't remember but he said he's guy with a British accent I believe but pretty smart guy
    • He said this is actually the what we have here with the spy ring in Congress is actually what the Democrats are have been accusing Trump of or the Republicans for the last year
    • It it's just it's exactly what they've been accusing it's it's everything you write
    • So I thought that was interesting
    • Now that it's the Pakistanis rather than the Russians for some reason we can't can't follow up we're gonna actually shut that whole subcommittee down move on nothing to see here folks anyway
    • So the CDW story broke this morning
    • CDW is a two-tier distributor for the computer business
    • You might a lot of businesses get their computers directly from CDW--it's nice to have a high level control point I won't say why
    • But it's nice to have a high level control point for computers and all in one place like Omaha Nebraska or just some central location where you can control everything coming and going
    • That's nice to have a control point
    • But anyway CDW one invoice one invoice proved me correct which was 125 different iPhones being shipped to Imran Awan in February 2016
    • Now remember this is someone who is supposed to be ordering secured phones or phones for different Congressmen through secure methods
    • Okay--secure approved NSA phones Okay. not Anthony's trusted staff okay
    • So doping phones for Congress
    • Bringing in people off the street they worked at McDonald's who really aren't off the street that really aren't.. didn't work for McDonald's that are really people from other countries is not a good policy to handle
    • But what it does give us is metadata
    • Because every invoice is not only going to be corroborated with a FedEx truck going to Imran Hawkshead house, it's also going to have or a UPS truck, it's also gonna have a serial number
    • Every one of those phones is gonna have a serial number today is the day right now Mr. Kalin Jim Kaelin who runs the who rung who was the CIO of the sergeant of arms of the House of Representatives needs to publish all 150 serial numbers today. TODAY
    • So that we as the American people can know who got those hundred and fifty iPhones and iPads
    • Also that's not gonna be the only invoice for CDW government
    • CDW government it's the government section that has a GSA contract
    • We're gonna be able to find out CDW government's GSA contract
    • So we're gonna be able to see all the shipments
    • So we should be able to go in today and look at all the shipments to nine six six seven Hawkshead drive today boom
    • That should be available today we could post those all of the shipments to nine six six seven Hawkshead on the Trello board
    • Trello has had like 600 updates since the last time I looked there's so many updates I think it took down my stream this morning
    • Somebody was mentioning a cyberattack in the port of Longview
    • And of course Ted Lieu Ted Lieu our good friend Ted Lieu our good friend ted I threw my blackberry in the toilet in 2013 Ted Lieu and I got a Samsung
    • Why did Ted Lieu throw the blackberry on the toilet
    • Was it because of inquiry at the Port of Long Beach? Ted? Was it was it was it something to do with the LAX?
    • We don't know yet we're gonna find out
    • But getting back to the CDW story they should have a government contract
    • There should be CDW government there should be a GSA contract number
    • we should be able to look in the vendor files this is supposed to be stuff that's public very bad connection yeah shoot
    • I'm in a major city I'm in the most popular city in America it seems very difficult anyway be able to get all the serial numbers the serial numbers should have when they get chipped should have a IMEI number right should have a MAC address associated with them if they hooked up to a Wi-Fi network please don't destroy the Wi-Fi connection records for those phones those gonna be important
    • So I'm coming up on one o'clock and I'm gonna be on Utrice Leid if you've never heard Utrice Leid before she is just an amazing woman she been in doing independent media for about 40 years and what I love
    • So much about you trees is she's a street reporter she's a street-level reporter she's a tough-as-nails and she wrote this she had a newspaper that she found it I think when she's like 25 I mean it was amazing
    • And oops people keep ...
    • <<< AUDIO CHANGES >>>
    • Anyway Utrice Leid it was called City Sun City Sun telling truth to power and I noticed Ted Lieu Ted Lieu Mr. Ted Lieu Port of Long Beach
    • A Swizzle with the Chinese deal negotiated with Blackberries again Jack Lew here we go again I never ever he's gonna say Cephas but Jack Lew Jack Lew Jack Lew p-tech Pete check BlackBerry negotiations when did we ever get the idea that we're gonna bring in a company from a bunch of operatives from Central America and train them to configure phones for our Congress that was in our American
    • What was the great brainy idea that George Bush had there I don't understand it's almost like he was configuring a spy ring to be in Congress as well as the Senate
    • Now the Senate cut over the Senate cut over from Blackberries to iPhones I think around February 2016
    • So this will be interesting to see all the CWD shipments to Imran's house because this would support my theory that the Senate has already already been doped as well because I don't think Blackberries were discontinued until very recently and in the house if they have at all meaning if if he took those phones and put them in boxes if you took him out of the boxes doped them and then took him to the Verizon and AT&T dealers over at the Senate like the heart office building that wouldn't be good because there's a lot of senators
    • Now that would be compromised
    • So so anyway what I said this morning about Ted Lewis just take the word "your Congressman" or just take any of the the BlackBerry 80 it's gonna be up to 80
    • Now but I think 20 at any given time there's kind of a Rolling Thunder thing that went through Congress the rolling blackberries
    • So I think it's gonna be now the popular press is saying it has 80 people
    • I'm saying it's at least 150 if you go all the way back I think it's gonna be in being in hundreds
    • But we need to publish immediately the CIO which is Kaelin needs to immediately publish all the serial numbers then we need to find out what dealers put what chips in those
    • Because that's gonna be--unwind the whole spy network
    • We need to see every invoice every invoice at CWD CDW government CDW government sent to that location
    • There's got to be a way to do that and that will immediately also unhook the spy ring
    • They bought the house in 2008 I believe
    • So we have 10 addresses now we can look across the 10 or actually 12 at least 12 with Imran addresses
    • I think there they used 63 14 Thomas Drive in Springfield first when they first came in and I think that was used by the dad
    • And then Imran kind of came in and kind of took over that higher-level job 2000-2011 I think the New Dawn Corporation
    • We do still don't know what the new dog preparation is we have a good idea Nanoset was to sell the satellite secrets we still don't know about New Dawn corporation
    • So I'm coming up here at one o'clock on you tree slideshow which is called I don't really know what it's called but it's on the progressive radio network you'll have to google it it's not lead it's called lead stories that's right it's not lead stories le ad l EA D it's le I D lead stories I think it's what it's called
    • And if you remember a week ago I broke a story on her show for the first time called spy ring in Congress where I went through and explained this whole thing
    • Two different shows she gave me two hours to explain this and she's gonna give me another hour today we're gonna go over all this as it unfolds she had a lot of colors and calling last week saying I can't believe the other guy on this is crazy
    • What a difference a week makes
    • Now even to got invoices with people shipping iPhones to his home
    • We're gonna have a whole bunch of invoices with Blackberries trust me
    • And they're gonna go all the way back to 2004
    • First go to back to about 2008 to the Lorton home
    • And then go back in further to the Thomas home at 6314 Thomas
    • Now that we know Imran's exact name we can see his travel and see his passports as well we should publish shows Steve Bannon I'm not gonna chase you I'm not gonna chase you
    • Call me 503 919 0748 not chasin call me if you want to break it open
    • Don't call me if you don't want to break it open just that simple Okay.
    • Let's tell truth of power please on the venmo thing I don't want to promote the venmo thing if you want you
    • Now I put it out there talk amongst yourselves but you want to you would have a whisper network to give the venmo I really appreciate the support but I don't want to be out here going been movin movin mo and then it's GE o w eb b and if spelling the thing it's just its first front for some people who just don't have the money or don't want to support for whatever they're triangulating their private investigators their lawyers they're they just don't want to hear it
    • So I don't want to use any airtime for that but I do appreciate it I did over over here was $14 I over it over here interestingly enough where the kid who sets up Wi-Fi networks for the ports all the ports I'm talking JFK and
    • Now all these people are giving me venmo thank you
    • But for the ports JFK and yesterday I mentioned we're gonna talk about the JFK stuff for Greg Meeks
    • Or two days ago New York five
    • The New York nine chief of staff who turns herself in--she did really turn herself in she said basically I'm not taking the rap for Davis
    • Drane said I'm not taking the rap for Davis you guys want us to leave me holding the bag here and put me and send me down the road for 30 years no
    • HuhUh I'm gonna come forward to the FBI cuz I ain't doing the 30 years that's what drain said she says I'm not doing the 30
    • If you want to look someplace don't look at me look behind me it's it was Davis
    • Now I don't want to really get Davis in trouble either I hate Clintons when they throw people of color in front of the bus
    • They hide behind people of color and they they use people of color as Human shields
    • I don't like that
    • But but again Davis now has an opportunity come forward she I believe was chief of staff for Anthony Weiner New York nine New York nine where the where the SEIU clubhouse was where also Bank of Brooklyn is where all the money laundering is
    • That is going to be the place for the whole spy ring that were
    • I think it's a hundred and fifty days ago I went there to Brooklyn to New York nine it said it's gonna be here
    • So now cabinets a little bit off the SEIU clubhouse is a little bit more in where I did a show where the casino is
    • So I believe the casino that I did a show at is in Brooklyn nine
    • The Bank of Brooklyn is in Brooklyn is in yes in New York nine everything's gonna be New York 9 B
    • {{ 911bs: Are you sure you haven't been watching Brooklyn Nine Nine? }}
    • I even think I said the Flatbush where the SEIU clubhouse was if I didn't give the exact address of the SEIU clubhouse on Flatbush I should have
    • And then there was gonna be there's kind of an annex over next to Hillary for America in the basement there and
    • Now it's torn down but that was the front for Hillary for America but the long term SEIU clubhouse is in Brooklyn 9 on Flatbush Avenue
    • And I just haven't been over there in a while and last time I was there I anyway
    • So let's talk to Utrice Leid and follow her on people's radio network PRN Evelyn Pringle I want us to do a shout out to you for start you have PRN radio
    • And I love the local media and I love people who start local media
    • Because they learn journalism from the street they talked to people at the street level on all different types of things
    • "hey and I want a light I'm walking home I got my bag of groceries I'm a perfect target for somebody for a mugging give me a street light"
    • And you know what I think a camera was there as well camera and a light on that corner and I asked the convenience store folks there from the DPD are I asked him in there like I can't remember it's been so long since the camera was there I can't remember maybe not
    • So much the camera but the light
    • Let's bring the light back for that neighborhood in right by marble hill train station there
    • And Brooklyn Brooklyn Press let's let's get Brooklyn at times I got Harlem times still working I got Bronx Times still working the Bronx story
    • You probably saw their New York a lot of people caught in the New York Times and the two the two guys in the Bronx that we're doing the chop shop
    • I can't remember the two guys but it was a great place for I came from the New York Times article but I quoted it
    • And I so you're right the people who guessed that those were the two where I've been you got it you didn't you nailed it for the Chop Shop
    • It's the New York Times just Google I think it's Lewis one of the guys is 52 years old in the crime ring and the Alpha Jalloh ring Lewis a great spot for crime or something I can't remember the New York Times article right
    • Now but they talked about the 2013 article and those were the two chop shops that I that I was visiting and watching
    • So that can be said now that I'm no longer and doing the rock stuff and let's talk about "truth to power" Utrice's show
    • So I got to turn the sideways to turn off the stream
    • I'll get this some take it but Utrice I want to be on your show
    • {{ 911bs: George (et al) I'm unable to sign up for venmo because I don't have a smartphone. I am rural with no available towers, so I have a VOIP phone as a semi-unreliable landline, which is why I've been reluctant to call you or Jason for the risk of pissing you off with a very bad connection (everyone gets annoyed with me because of this). I have 10Mbps down and 2mbps up, which is well beyond recommended specs for 1 line voip, configured correctly on my end, and yet...I still have problems with it every day w/friends in Colorado and yes it's been subject to MITM interference verified by other party (My stake in this game). AND MOST OF ALL IT DOESN'T DO SMS. I tried to use google voice for sms to sip/email forwarding, and it linked my voip number in the process of adding a new google voice number, but the google voice number did not appear only the voip number. So I removed and tried again, and this time it won't accept the voip number to make the linkage, so as I see it google basically failed on purpose as a plausible deniability ('technical glitch') to ensure I could not use google voice. I've had the same problem with other online banks, including It would seem that all these banking systems are colluding to use the CELLPHONE as an openID in lieu of biochipping people. So, maybe I'll track you down and give you cash. I have 322 dollars+ waiting for you G, because when I signed up for patreon to give 322/mo to CSTT, I assumed you'd get 1/3 to 1/2 }}
  • Day 304. 6 Rao Abbas - Japanese Car Aficionado? - YouTube
    • Eeverybody this is a quick one Rao Abbas R A O A B B A S
    • Somebody sent me some information that said he was actually had some linkages to Japan and brainy blonde was looking at the the flow and found a Mohammed Bari B A R R I E as a car thief in Georgia
    • So if in fact a Mohammed Bari stayed with Imran Awan at one of the Lorton house or the Thomas house Thomas Drive house the 6-3 one for Thomas Drive I think I think the 967 Hawkshead is already world-famous it's a part of American folklore it's like 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
    • But 6314 Thomas drive is now getting right up there in Springfield
    • So I can't remember if Mohammed Bari which many people think is Alpha Jalloh there's also a Mohammed Bari that's stealing cars in Georgia interesting
    • So that may be the South Carolina port connection
    • But then there's this interesting car by a car aficionado it turns out Rao Abbas may have a different name maybe not who knows we don't know but he is running phones in and out of Congress
    • And as I mentioned earlier he might not even know he might think hey my jobs to run phones in and out of Congress I didn't know that they were secure phones I mean you could always say that
    • But if he's found in Kansas City and remember I was saying before about that if you wanted to learn a 12-bar blues song and you didn't have a lot of initiative you could always learn Kansas City the song Kansas City
    • So so that immediately made me think of well that's who did Rao Abbas worked for in Kansas City?
    • Cleaver Cleaver Cleaver not Theodore and remember that you're all too young but not Cleaver I can remember what his first name is the Cleavers the the guy who hired Rao Abbas out in Kansas City
    • Now if that guy has an ax is a Japanese car buying aficionado for 92 Toyota's that have no GPS, that would be interesting
    • Because if Jalloh is out there collecting cars and then having them driving the caravanning then back caravan to midnight not John will be wells caravan to midnight but John but Alpha Jalloh Caravan past midnight and they're driving him back to New York and New Jersey vice versa this kind of cross-country trading thing, you could almost imagine a world where you're stealing it's almost like a funnel you're stealing all these really nice cars in New York and New Jersey around here, some some in Maryland then you're kind of sorting them all out where Imran is
    • That kind of us like Grand Central Station for the cars
    • CIA car dealership along with I think classic motors DC is kind of like
    • The first thing you do first but it's almost like Jeffrey Epstein picking through the girls the Kosovo girls
    • You take the super hot cars and those go to diplomats
    • The way you market those is DC motors motors classic motors DC that's where those go
    • I know it's the sexist thing to say I'm sorry I did not mean to say that I apologize I was I said super hot cars I didn't say super hot women
    • {{ 911bs: Keep in mind Epstain is not dealing in women but girls...teen girls, quite possibly younger }}
    • So those go to classic motors DC
    • The pretty good cars that you could make a lot of money selling in Africa and Asia through Alpha Jalloh you you just drive straight on the container ships the ones that are kind of one level down you put on the auto train and sell either at the you run them out through the port of Jacksonville or the Port of Tampa I think it's gonna be Jacksonville
    • Again, you make those weapons cars those are your weapons carriers
    • Now there's a school of thought that says no the gorge the port of Washington DC if you just are buying D you why would you need to drive them to Florida and get the WP
    • I don't know we're gonna have to look at that but but anyway you got cars going that way
    • So you got cars going in both directions non GPS Toyota's coming in through the Florida car companies A B Auto a company like A B Auto and import owned by Mohammed Ashraf Awan right but then you would have an I'm sorry I haven't slept much and cut up early like three then you have this potential for this Kansas City
    • We need something better than the song Kansas City oh boy somebody just sent me a good thing
    • So I want to help Smedley Butler Smedley Butler is in Kansas City and I want help him out
    • I want to get the the date of arrest for Alpha Jalloh in Kansas City February I think it's gonna be February 12th 2016 but I want to get him the arrest report because there has to be a whole bunch of VIN numbers associated with that and then those have to be coming this way to New York
    • So I want to get him the arrest report and let him kind of follow up and kind of just kick the tires down at whatever dealership is there
    • And just see how big of a fan was he how big of a fan was robbed of a bus of Japanese cars
    • Now there is this car company buying company called MDK in Japan
    • That's bringing these that's working with this car company that's run by a not the a Mohammed Ashraf Awan for A B Auto imports and then there's this that a B grain and rice or a B grain and grain and rice, A B grain and vegetable
    • So that's another interesting company I'm not saying there's anything unusual I'm just saying it's an interesting company but if Rao Abbas ever bought a car from MDK that would be interesting and somebody would send me the Bravo bosses whatever they think his other favorite nickname was even if it's three nicknames even if it looks like I'm sure it's not an alias but whatever whatever his favorite three name nickname was kind of fun to know I'm sure it isn't an alias
    • So no no it wouldn't be an alias
    • So yeah and he worked for Cleaver
    • So that'd be interesting
    • Now I would hate I'm not impugning representative Cleaver saying that there's a car theft ring in Kansas City and Jalloh's a high level fence in between the two and then there is some kind of like go-between for trading the cars between us and us in Japan I'm not saying that maybe there's a West Coast piece to this out of Torrance out of the port of Torrance we'll see Okay. let me look at Okay. I figured out I turn over the phone and then the comments are right by it I can't front
    • So the person who was telling me that you're right I'm the dope
    • McCain ship it wasn't really McCain ship it wasn't wasn't it the anti something anti the Singapore collision is what you're talking about where the sailors are killed the ten sailors are killed that was the anti something
    • It wasn't a McCain ship are you saying McCain served on that ship?
    • McCain served on that ship
    • USS McCain really? Was one of the ships? Hmm interesting I'm not I think the ships
    • I mean if I put was me and I was running a ratline and I'm not saying this is has anything to do with that
    • But if I knew it this all the whole dark weapons thing was being managed using Navy resources and I and and the Navy dark web is the communications network
    • And they the Blackberries were basically spying on everybody in Congress and everybody at the State Department and everybody at CENTCOM, in order to enable it
    • I'm not saying that that's what this is
    • But if I if somebody would like me was out there saying well you need to come forward and you need to drop a few breadcrumbs and then that moves the whole crowd along
    • I would I would collide with them
    • I would aim a ship directly at the captain and I would I would take that ship down
    • And I would I would come as close as I could when I took over the navigation system to the cabins the lighting to the captain's cabin
    • Just as a message that captain--boom we got you bro
    • We can we can put all your folks to sleep we can send out a little Marine unit and vent we can fent the ship
    • Everybody's 90 night and then boom because there's no other way you look at it there's no other way that you're gonna be able to jackknife a ship at sea
    • No that doesn't happen in the United States Navy
    • Not what there's three different there's three different officers rooms there that just look at radar
    • One up on the bridge one down but below decks and then one midships I mean that it's kind of the mezzanine level
    • That's all they do 724 once it's under power there's no "oh oops we all went and played Canasta like they did at the with the Titanic"
    • That doesn't happen on a Navy ship
    • So you don't get the jackknife directly into the captain's bedroom, unless it's a message to everybody on the ship--that be quiet and keep quiet about the ratlines
    • I'm not saying that bears any relationship to this McCain thing or the Fitzgerald thing
    • None whatsoever none whatsoever don't draw any parallels between that
    • I know people are saying till Hudson talked about it
    • I know Hudson is deep uranium
    • So I don't really and he mainly talks to me
    • Hold it somebody said someone had said Okay. Hudson said China as oh yeah yeah the EMP thing yeah
    • Yeah maybe I why I don't know why I would show like a top-secret EMP unless
    • I mean it's just so much easier to get six year old Marines and spent the ship but but if the Chinese wanted to show the EMP they were fine
    • But for me I would just spent the ship with with six Marines and your six Special Forces guys
    • Everybody go nine night and then and then take over
    • The reason why it's so chilling when their captain wakes up he's like what the hell happened how did my ship get hit he wakes up and his ships taking on water and there's ten dead sailors in the water
    • And that's much more chilling the EMP people would remember they would they would like be I mean there were people at battle stations
    • People would remember an EMP hit you'd you'd all of a sudden see all your electronics go out there would be Mayday calls there would be a lot of activity
    • The beautiful thing about fenting when you fent you hit it with a bunch of fentanyl and do it very accretively very slowly
    • So everybody kind of drops off and says well I'm kind of tired and everybody kind of goes out and simultaneously
    • Is Man boom you wake up there's water pouring in there's sailors and the dead sailors in the water and you're like what the hell happened
    • It's a chilling effect it has a very chilling effect on everybody on that ship it's key
    • It becomes like the ghost ship how do they do it how do they do it?
    • Only the Special Forces guys know about the FENTING
    • So maybe regular Navy guys don't know about that stuff it's just the Special Forces
    • This is the David Petraeus stuff
    • Here I'll give you a classic example
    • I read Petraeus his book all in right in his own book he said we took half of the prisoners without firing shot in Iraq or I think it was Afghanistan
    • It was Iraq how do you do that?
    • How do you go into a hostile village with thousands of unfriendlies all armed to the teeth and take out the guy you want without firing a shot if you're not fencing if you're not venting the battlefield how I'll see you doing it just it's just simple logic it's just simple logic
    • It's like it's I bounced the ball and Jax and I grabbed twelve jacks
    • I know and I grabbed the ball back Okay. well I picked up twelve jacks I'm playing jacks it's twelve jacks I mean it's just it's simple it's child's play
    • I mean it's for me it's an obvious Fent
    • So that there's really no logic there other than there's the only logical explanation
    • How do you go in and get half the people without firing a shot?
    • Look at David Petraeus writes in his own book the problem is Petraeus comes up with something like Fenting as a Special Forces technique and now he just over uses it
    • Now he wants to create a civil surveillance system out of it and he wants to teach Fenting to his his group that these G4S privateers right that really opens up a can of worms
    • Because you now have a force on your standing Army where you say ok it's us against them you start calling the people of the country the enemy
    • If you look at the fusion centers they actually call the people on the on the watch list which is basically any enemy that gets in the way like myself
    • You just say that's the enemy
    • These kids are recruited they don't know any different they're being patriotic they say that's the enemy--I got to go in
    • I got to do in it insertion get in there get out whatever the mission is
    • You have to constantly be training in the military to do these things
    • Look at Gladio look at Gladio be look at Gladio see in the US look at any of the Graham Fuller Gladios
    • You have to have a trained force and you have to always be training I mean people say well how do you how do you deliver and wouldn't we see the helicopters and stuff no you can have cars with tailpipes and stuff it if there's all different ways to deliver an aerosol
    • I mean you just you just don't think about it
    • They used to say I mean I don't know if this is true or not but I want to protect Oliver North at all costs protect protect this reputation at all cost okay
    • So if you can help out you can help out
    • Smedley Butler in Kansas City that would be great with a case number and then VIN numbers
    • All caps helps all in no it's not all hail it's all in yep G for us
    • I think it's if anybody has there is a there's a gloop group a gloop
    • There's a group out of Columbus Ohio that keeps track of how many of these G4S security companies there are
    • Dana Priests did a ping in the Washington Post called top secret America and she had to count around 2,000
    • But they were wrapped the private tears[sic] Privateers were rapidly expanding
    • Thank you for all caps
    • The privateers were rapidly expanding and this group out of Columbus headed at 7,000 but if you have DHS people say oh how would you do a covert Army
    • And I said the other day I did a long piece on it I said it's the easiest thing in the world you do all you need is a mailing list and sent out a bunch of DHS credit cards you're done you have two weeks a year where you're doing training and one weekend a month you're done everything else you've already got I just need a DHS credit card
    • Most of this work and and Plus if DynCorp
    • Why is DynCorp teaching surveillance and an active surveillance which is really harassment--why are they teaching it?
    • So they have a eight countervailing force think about it if you were if you had an unlimited budget seven point seven trillion dollars black budget why wouldn't you spend it on that?
    • Why would you spend it on upon a Gladio type program that's the first thing I'd do
    • It's like you don't want these people making decisions on their own that could go against you
  • >>>CONT
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Automobile : Production de véhicules par pays ...

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